(SB 2.1.1)
śrī-śuka uvāca
varīyān eṣa te praśnaḥ
kṛto loka-hitaṁ nṛpa
ātmavit-sammataḥ puṁsāṁ
śrotavyādiṣu yaḥ paraḥ

Śrī Śukadeva Gosvāmī said: My dear King, your question is glorious because it is very beneficial to all kinds of people. The answer to this question is the prime subject matter for hearing, and it is approved by all gigantic spiritual personalities ( Sadhu –Guru- Vaishnava, Rishi, Muni, etc.).

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The spiritual enlightenment between the spiritual master and the disciple is based on asking relevant Questions about personal spiritual welfare. In Srimad Bhagavatam we can find the example of Parikshit Maharaja, who had only seven days to live. He went to the banks of the Ganga to meet a Sadhu who is capable to provide him with all solutions of life. Maharaja Parikṣit by great fortune got the association of Sukadeva Gosvami (by the desire of the Supreme Lord – Sri Krsna), who narrated all the activities of Kṛṣṇa in such a way, that he could engage his mind totally in Kṛṣṇa-Katha. All the topics related to Kṛṣṇa are non-different from Kṛṣṇa Himself. The topics of Lord Kṛṣṇa are so auspicious that they purify the speaker, the hearer and the inquirer. They are compared to the Ganges waters, which flow from the toe of Lord Kṛṣṇa. Wherever the Ganges waters go, they purify the land and the person who bathes in them. Similarly, kṛṣṇa-kathā, or the topics of Kṛṣṇa, are so pure that wherever they are spoken, the place, the hearer, the inquirer, the speaker and all concerned become purified.

The present page, consisting of the letters, transcendental communications, between His Holiness Shri Shyam Das Baba and his near and dear followers, is an example of the importance of associating with self-realized persons for those with the desire to understand the Ultimate Goal and their actual self. Without a doubt, one of Shri Shyam Das Babas foremost qualities is the affectionate nature and humble attitude. Even though outside sometimes it seems like he is hard as a thunderbolt, but that is only because of his nature to protect the souls who are misguided. He is always identifying himself as the loyal dog of our Guruvarga, and cannot tolerate painful suffering of Jivas. We all know that the kripapatra of Paramahamsa Jagat Guru Sri Srila Bhakti Pramod Puri Goswami Maharaj – Srila Shyam Das Babaji Maharaj – who is very much in line with His Guru Deva and Parama Guru Deva Sri Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Goswami Thakur Prabhupad never want to make any disciple or any temple, or never he like to go to foreign country, still he is always ready to render perfect Vani -Seva by the order of Sri Gurudeva and Guru Varga.
We also like to thank those devotees who all are going to contribute their letters to this presentation. Respecting the confidentiality we tried to carefully eliminate the personal information, if any, and also limited the devotee’s elaborate letters to Shri Shyam Das Baba in a few words (or in a few lines), just to retain the Questions. We humbly request forgiveness for any errors or omissions we may have made in this endeavor to present the timeless message of our Gaudiya Guru-Varga to the contemporary reader.

Thanks a lot,
Truly yours in the service of Guru-Gauranga and Go-Mata
The seva –Team

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Questions & Answers

Are the descriptions of hell in Bhagavatam allegorical?

From the book “THE BHAGAVATA ITS PHILOSOPHY, ITS ETHICS, AND ITS THEOLOGY” By Srila Saccidananda Bhaktivinoda Thakura

In the common-place books of the Hindu religion in which the rajo and tamo-guna have been described as the ways of religion, we have descriptions of a local heaven and a local hell; the Heaven as beautiful as anything on earth and the Hell as ghastly as any picture of evil. Besides this Heaven we have many more places, where good souls are sent up in the way of promotion! There are 84 divisions of the hell itself, some more dreadful than the one which Milton has described in his “Paradise Lost”. These are certainly poetical and were originally created by the rulers of the country in order to check evil deeds of the ignorant people, who are not able to understand the conclusions of philosophy. The religion of the Bhagavata is free from such a poetry. Indeed, in some of the chapters we meet with descriptions of these hells and heavens, and accounts of curious tales, but we have been warned somewhere in the book, not to accept them as real facts, but as inventions to overawe the wicked and to improve the simple and the ignorant…

Question for Maharaja : So, does it mean…these descriptions of hell in the Bhagavatam are allegorical too?

Thank youJaya Gaur.ysSd

All glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga

Dear Prabhuji,

Dandavat pranams to you all.

Srimad Bhagavad ji Mahapuran is Sri Krsna Himself, no other than Sri Krsna. Srila Sukadeva Gosvami pad speaking this Siddhanta. Srimad Bhagavatam is the sound incarnation of Sri Krsna Himself. Shabbdha Braham is just equal to Supreme Lord Himself, that is why Sri Krsna is just equal to Sri Krsna Nama ( but surely this means transcendental sound, not material sound ). In some or certain cases, some allegorical references are purposely given inside Srimad Bhagavatam to clarify those intricate philosophical points—like the description of Purunjan anecdotes spoken by Srila Naradji Maharaja in front of Prachin barhi. Some points can be there represented allegorically in some places inside Bhagavatam but with full planning, this was done to ensure our absolute mangal, that doesn’t mean that Srimad Bhagavatam is totally devoid of reality. Supreme Lord is absolute truth, so Srimad Bhagavatam is also absolute truth, no doubt in it. Any part of the Absolute is also Absolute.

All the descriptions about different kinds of heavens and hells are there inside Srimad Bhagavatam at 5th canto or at 4th canto. All those are real, not at all fictitious, even the distance of the place of Yamalaya is given inside Srimad Bhagavatam ( 99 thousand yojans of south-west corner horizontal direction ). Jivas are supposed to get punishment thereafter leaving material body with their respective material jatona moya body ( temporarily punishable body usually given to Jivattma after death) for their sinful activities, but also some practical conceptions of heaven and hell can be there here on this earth where those Jivas can get the result of their activities in gross form right now with their respective present gross body. Examples are given below—Badrinath Dham situated in Himalayan Hills on this Earth is known as Bhouma Vaikuntha. Sri Braja Dham here on this earth—Sri Vrindavan is known as Bhouma Vrindavan. Also Kulu-Manali or Pavali or Kashmir etc. can be known as Bhouma Svarga ( heaven). Then why not we can understand that those Pros –Quarters or those wine clubs ( or hotels), or all those places where gamble games ( illegal games) are going on here on this Earth as Bhouma hells.

Why the shadow of Tulsi Devi or the shadow of Guru- Vaishnava is so important and respectable? if we can understand from heart that why even a shadow of a transcendental real object is as respectable as the original object—then in that case there can not be any doubt or suspicion about those anecdotes given inside the Bhagavatam because those are as good and real as the Bhagavatam itself, same way respectable for us all. We can remember that Durga Devi who is the in charge of this negative world is the shadow of that original potency of the supreme Lord Yogamaya.

What Milton has written in his book ‘ Paradise lost’ is totally a separate issue. Whereas we already know that Sriman Mahaprabhu has already declared Srimad Bhagavata Mahapuran as the topmost scriptural evidence ( Pramanam ammalam). So in that case we should not have any doubt about Srimad Bhagavatam. No doubt or suspicion can stand in the way of that Absolute truth ( or shrouta pantha ).

Thanks a lot.

Truly yours in the service of

Guru- Gauranga and Gomata your servant – Sri Baba Shyam das.

Note : For more detail Information you can consult Krsna Samhita written by Srila Saccidananda Bhaktivinod Thakur.

How can one, who is mentally sick, get the full result of his own aparadhas?

Dear Babaji Maharaja, dandavat pranams

I have 2 questions l would like to ask you but they are coming from other kathas you gave previously, they are not part of the Katha you are giving on these days so l hope it is ok for me to ask them.

In one of you Katha you spoke of your experience in serving one Vaisnava who had injured his head due to a fall. If l well remember, inspite of you serving him, this Vaisnava was abusing you. Then your Guru Maharaja heard about it and he told you that he will pay for his offenses, even if he was not in his right mind. For many days l have thought about it, because it really strucked me this point.We are westerners, and our mental parabdha is very heavy due to our sinful activities. Many devotees have also serious psychological issues that, inspite of them knowing it is wrong, still it is compelling them to act in a way that may give pain to other Vaisnavas. So how one who is mentally sick can get the full result of his own aparadhas? Will you please elaborate on that? I think in our stage it is very important to know this.

My other question is: one of you Katha you said something that really strucked me: that we can approach  Vrindavana only after having approached the Gambhira. I find this point so beautiful, could you please elaborate on that?

Thank you very much for your time and for the enliving kathas your are giving to us.

Your servant

Shyama dasi

All glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga

Dear Mama

Now my unalloyed love and affection

Your Question can give me inspiration to give answer in such a way so that this can become a solution for those who all are having that kind and doubt and suspicion- not only for you. What is papa ( sinful act) and what is aparadha ( offence) ? What is the basic difference between papa and aparadha?  That is the main Question. Actually, papa is related to our material body, mind and intellect, I mean related to our gross body and fine body but aparadha has its great impact on the jivatma itself. Sinful activities are done by the help of body , mind and speech,  that is why at the time of death tree Yamadutas are usually coming to catch any sinful jivatma to give punishment at Yamalaya.  After getting proper punishment by Yamaraja they can get free from sinful activities done by them before. But through this procedure, they can not erase or eradicate their tendency of papa already their inside their heart. Only and only by Harinama and Haribhajan they can purify themselves no other alternative way. Even only Namabhasa can make them free from all countless sins done in their whole life before, not only that but also they can get mukti ( salvation) but not bhakti ( genuine nectar) .

But knowingly or unknowingly if some aparadha done—then this can have a great impact on the jivatma itself directly. No way out . Any dirty or wrong action if done against Guru- Vaishnava- Bhagavan- Harinam- Dhama- Mahaprasadam or anything related to Hari  Bhajan field can cut and through our consciousness level to put us down and down, even up to the low level of a wild beast.

In Kalikal sinful activities are increasing on an alarming rate. But Namabhasa can not make us free from such aparadha.  We should find out the original cause of our aparadha to beg for pardon positively, otherwise not.  Perhaps you have heard that some time Guru- Vaishnava begging for pardon ( out of their humble mood they speak that way)– in the following way – “Knowingly or unknowingly if at all any apardha done please excuse. “

Srila Krsna das Kaviraj Gosvami pad going to be for pardon in each and every step unto the Lotus feet of Srila Vrindavan das Mahashaya for any aparadha at all done knowingly and unknowingly.

The effect of any great aparadha can go even up to the next birth to give heavy punishment.  You can remember the case of Capal Gopal , or the case of Devananda Pandit, or the case of Gopal Chakravarti who insulted Srila Namacchary Haridas Thakur at Saptagram or the case of Prajapati Daksa who insulted Sri Siva Shyambu. This way we can get countless such documents which can put warning before us.  Srila Vrindavan das Thakur Mahasahaya has written in his Sri Chaitanya Bhagavata that – even if Sulapani ( Trident holder ) Shankar  going to make aparadha still he will have to get the result ( punishment  ) of aparadha done by him. So even if any mentally disbalanced man going to commite any aparadha still he will have to suffer fro that, no other way.

Thanks a lot,

Truly yours in the service of Sri Sri Guru- Gauranga – and Go Mata

Baba Shyam das

Is this a true story ?

Question :  I have heard the popular story of Srila Rupa Gosvami and Krsna das. According to the tradition in Vrindavan Krsna das was a lame man and unable to walk, and when Srila Rupa Gosvami laugh, then Krsna das thought that he is laughing at his disability. Please Babaji Maharaj kindly tell me whether it is true or not.

Answer by Shri Shyam das Baba

All Glories to Sri Sri and Gauranga

Dear Prabhuji, 

                     Dandavat pranams to you all. Know my unalloyed love and affection.

Your Question can give me a nice chance to break such wrong Siddhanta vicar. Just previous night one such Question came about Srila Nama Acharya Srila Haridas Thakur. He was originally Brahmin or took birth at Yavan-kula? Some such different stories are going on in this material world about Srila Haridas Thakur, Srila Rupa Gosvami pad, Jiva pad, ect. But our previous Gaudiya Guruvarga never approved or accepted those wrong Siddhanta Vicar. Actually they are simply committing a great offense, because of their doubt and suspicion.

Is there any doubt in it that Srila Jiva pad was hundred percent in the line of  Srila Rupa and Sanatan?. Some people speaking just opposite ( they want to say that Srila Jiva pad was not at all in favour of parakiya bhava, he wanted to establish svakiya bhava, whereas Srila Rupa Sanatan where in favour of parakiya bhava vicar), whereas he himself has confirmed repeatedly about his hundred per cent submission unto the Lotus feet of Sri Sri Rupa-Santan.

We cannot confine a Vaishnava within our material frame of caste and birth. At all if I have any doubt about the holiness of Srila Namacharya Haridas Thakur then and only then this type of Question can come into our material mind, otherwise not. Topmost honorable position (designation or title) was given by Sriman Mahaprabhu to Haridas Thakur—As “Nama Accharya”, what more we can expect than that ! Because Sri Harinam Prabhu is above all. Srila Sanatan Gosvami pad also was bound to confirm this point in front of Srila Haridas Thakur while staying with him at Nilachal Dham. Our previous Gaudiya Guru-varga never approved that kind of doubt and suspicion. From Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita or from Sri Chaitanya Bhagavat we know that Srila Haridas Thakur was from Yavan-kula. So what? Again –How we can expect that a mistake could be done by the great Vaishnava Acharya like Srila Rupa Gosvami pad? How we can expect that a mistake could be done by the great Vaishnava tattva Accharya like Srila Jiva Gosvami pad ? That is the main Question. If we can identify any fault with them then surely they are not Accharya. Any Vaishnava Accharya (pure– specially those who are the eternal parshad of Sri Sri Krsna Chaitanya Deva) is always flawless. We can never expect any wrong Siddhanta or wrong etiquette from them at all.

This kind of story as you are speaking as you have heard from some source about Srila Rupa Gosvami pad is never applicable for him.

Long ago I also heard, but not directly, so I couldn’t get any scope to crush that kind of wrong Siddhanta vicar. Many such stories going on in this material world to put us in great confusion.  So please try to depend upon the right source of Harikatha . Our previous Gaudiya Guru Varga like Srila Vishvanath Chakravarti pad or Baladev Vidyabhushan or Srila Satchidananda Bhaktivinod Thakur or Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Sarasvati Thakura Prabhupada or Srila Bhakti Pramode Puri Gosvami Maharaj or Srila Bhakti Rakshak Srila Sridhar Gosvami Maharaja or Srila Bhakti Progyan Keshava Gosvami  Maharaj, Srila Bhakti Saranga Gosvami Maharaj –non of them never approved that type of fictitious story which has no Background.

Also in Vrindavan some such so-called famous Sadhus ( ? ) they are always busy to prove that Srila Suta Deva Gosvami was originally Brahmin, whereas we can find direct evidence from Srimad Bhagavatam – his own comment that—“we are vilomo yata”. Then what solution ( Siddhanta)  you can expect form them ?

In near future I keep hope to write and speak more about this point. Excuse me.

Thanks a lot,

Truly yours in the service of Sri Sri Guru- Gauranga – and Go Mata

Baba Shyam das

Difference between Nityananda parivar and the line by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta ?

What is the difference between Nityananda parivar and the line given by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Prabhupada ? Is there any specific reason for why the diksha in our parampara does not include the gayatri mantras of Nityananda, Adwaita, Srivasa and Gadadhara in the diksha?


Dandvat pranam to you all. Know my unalloyed love and affection. Look prabhuji even your first point is also contradictory, because Sriman Nityananda Prabhu is not a material personality so that He can keep a flow of his hereditical flow of blood and flesh, so you have no scope to write that way which you have written to me- “I have been in touch with Nityananda Parivara”. Those who are going to demand such blood and flesh link with Nityananda Prabhu- They are all 100% Sahajiya and fraud, so they have no right to pass any such remark about Aprakrit Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Goswami Thakur Prabhupada. Out of 8 approved Archas(Worshipable object of prabhu and his Parshad), photo is also one of them. So as a photo of Sri Gurudeva(Sad Guru) is just equal to himself. That is why Srila Ramanujacharya took sannyasa from Srila Yamunacharya’s photo at the bank of Ananta Sarovar. Similarly, any great Nitya Parshad of Bhagvan can take Sannyasa from the photo( Alok Chitrapath) of his Gurudeva which cannot be a topic of contaversy. Anyway they are all Nitya Sannyasi, so what to speak about there Lokatita activities? Saffron cloth and Tridandi Sannyasa is already approved in Sastras(Srimad Bhagvatam and other Puranas), externally you owl cannot see the approval of Saffron cloth and Tridandi Sannyasa in the life of Srila Prabhupada by his Gurudeva ( Srila Gaur Kishore Das Baba) but know it for sure that all Gaur Parshad including Sriman Mahaprabhu they already approved him this Saffron Cloth and Tridandi Sannyasa Vesh threw there order to him to go for Massive Preaching. I have already given so many answers to those foolish Sahajiyas to stop there barking. Many Hari-Katha on these topics you can find in Internet- But you will have to search. If you can realize the Sweet Balancing Track of Mantra Parampara and Bhagvata Parampara as shown by Srila Prabhupada then this kind of barking Argument can automatically come to an end. Srila Jagannath Das Baba is our Bhagvata Parampara, not Mantra Parampara, so there can be some external disperaty but the main theme of Bhagvata Parampara power is already Inherited there. Please don’t go for fanciful bad association (evil association) to spoil your own brain. Perfect Guru Anugatya together with that Strong faith in Guru-Vaishnava Parampara can give you success in your Bhajan. According to your own standard you can read some Sastras like Sri Caitanya Bhagvata, Sri Caitanya Caritamrita, Updeshamrita, Man Siksha, Sikshastakam, Jaiva Dharma etc, not DhyanChandra Padati right now. Let those Sahajiyas jump into fire to die, What it concern to you? Jagad Guru Srila Prabhupada- The Great have given us the scope to recite Sri Caitanya Gayatri from Sri Caitanya Upanishad- Which is itself complete because Panch-Tattva is nothing but the expression of Sriman Mahaprabhu in five different forms, nothing else. Sriman Mahaprabhu is just equal to Panch Tattva, So Sri Caitanya Gayatri can give all the complete result. So, Seprate Gayatri of Nityananda or Advaita Goswami is not so urgent as such.

Thanks a lot
Truly yours in the service of Guru-Gauranga and Go Mata.
Insignificant Shyam Baba

Can Vaishnavas ever stop their flow of kripa towards bondage souls?

Can Vaishnavas ever stop their flow of kripa towards bondage souls?
And if i am married to Krishna how can I serve Radha? I don’t know about this high topics but I just understood that I should meditate on how to serve Radha always and help her to meet with Krishna.



Dandvat Pranam to you all. Know my unalloyed love and affection. Actually any how we can never throw us out, so surely some day they can rescue us, no doubt in it. But due to accumulated Anartha and Apradha it will take long period of time for their deliverance. When mother speaking Go Away, Get Lost- I don’t like to see your face, then be sure that she like to see my face very much, you cannot understand this sensitive point, so I say you are foolish no. Guru-Vaishnava can be compared with Fathomless Ocean of Karuna- So how they can stop flowing Kripa upto you? Those who all left Prabhupada mercilessly- They can again come to Srila Prabhupada some life to get delivery of their Self, but all their previous aparadha should be eliminated.

We all Jiva Atma’s are Shakti Amsa Tattva of Sri Krishna, So naturally Sri Krishna is our Husband. Only you will have to realize this point from your heart. Also we Gaudiyas always pray the Gyms of Srimad Bhagvatam 10th Canto-

“Katyayani Maha-Maye Mahayogineya Dhisvari
nanda Gopa sutam devi Patim me kuru teh Namah”

Oh! Katyayani ,Oh! Maha-Maye, Oh! Maha yogini! Oh Devi we want Krishna, who is son of Nanda Maharaj to be our Husband.

Sri Krishna can have Infinity Wives but no problem for Him- The Supreme Lord. But we all Wives should always honour and obey Srimati Radharani. Sri Sri Radha Govinda The Divine Couple is our Worshipable Objective. Infinity Wives they all have there unique and common objective to seek the complete satisfaction of that Divine Couple- Without any smell of Self- Interest ( Dirty Kama Bhava inside our heart should not be there). No doubt about adjustment factor among themselves because all there centre point is one and the single. Try to prepare yourself accordingly. Even my joking has some inner meaning- You should realize this. In this way automatically Madhurya Rasa and Radha Dasya can get all Proper balance.

Thanks a Lot
Truly Yours in the Service of Guru-Gauranga and Go Mata.
Insignificant Shyam Baba

What is the Standard of Prasadam & Sankirtan ?

Maharaj can you please tell me what is the standard for Prasadam. I have sometimes a doubt whether the ordinary masses benefit from prasadam distribution or not. And is Sankirtan Harinam on the streets by neophyte devotees always beneficial?

This Question was related to this two texts of Srila Bhakti Rakshak Sridhar Dev Gosvami Maharaja.

The benefit of Prasadam

His Divine Grace Srila B.R. Sridhar Maharaja

Sometimes the question is asked whether the ordinary masses benefit from prasada distribution. So much purity will be transmitted to those that will take prasadam, but the question of degree is there. There is prasadam from the maha-bhagavata, prasadam from the madhyama-bhagavata, and prasadam from the kanistha-bhagavata. It all depends upon who is responsible for the prasadam and what is his connection with divinity. The current must be there, just as it is with an electrical box —you may connect all the wiring, but if there is no current then what is the value? Vaikuntha nama grahane—the transcendental connection must be there. Otherwise form is simply form and it is useless. The spirit must be within the form. Form is also necessary—wiring is necessary in order to utilize the electric current, but mere wiring has no utility. So prasada distribution should have a real connection with divinity otherwise it is all trade, an external exhibition. An ulterior motive may be there and it will become a business. Just as the jati-gosvamis make a trade of taking money by reading the Bhagavatam. But if the man behind the prasada distribution has a sincere connection with the Lord, and the connection comes and pervades everything, then that is prasadam. Otherwise it is imitation. Also, it may not always be that if some ordinary person takes krsna-prasadam, he will take a human birth in his next life. They may attain a human form after four or five births also. But wherever they may go, the connection will be there. It is all recorded on a higher plane and it won’t be lost.
His Divine Grace Srila B.R. Sridhar Maharaja
from the book “Encounters With Divinity” Pages 152/153.


“A connection with divinity must always be there. Bhaktivinoda Thakura has said that the leader of the congregational sankirtana party must be a suddha-bhakta (pure devotee)—-the kirtana party must be guided by such a person. Otherwise it will be dancing and jumping on the mundane plane. A divine connection must be there.
If the congregational chanting is not under the guidance of a man of a higher plane, then it should be discarded. We should not mix with that. Bhaktivinoda Thakura has written—suddha-bhakta anugati, kirtana haile sekhana yaya. If it is under the guidance of a suddha- bhakta, then we may attend that function, otherwise not. There will be nama-aparadha—offences committed against the Holy Name. We should not participate there. It will be namakara—only the sound of the Name will be there, but the inner realization is missing and that is the main thing. What sort of vibration is being created? That is all-important. We do not care for the sweet tone nor the expertise in the pronunciation. We must try to improve the quality.
So there must be a connection with the divine, a connection with a descending agent. One who has the eye can perceive that connection. Om ajnana timirandhasya jhananjana salakaya. Our own realization will be the guarantee, our own knowledge. That perception is given by Gurudeva. He removes the cataract of ignorance and gives divya-darsana—the divine eye. Divya-caksu diksa—diksa means that he imparts transcendental knowledge. As much as one has that knowledge they will impart it to the disciple. Guru will teach the disciple how to exclusively connect with Krishna—exclusive identification with the interest of Krishna. And Krishna is not seen, therefore the connection is through guru or Vaisnava. In this way, we must develop self-abnegation to the extreme and according to our degree of surrender we will be benefited”

His Divine Grace Srila B.R. Sridhar Maharaja
Excerpt from the book “Encounters With Divinity” Pages 153 /154.

How can i serve Gurudeva?

At what time one should take Bramcharya Vrata ? Do we need to learn Sanskrit and Bengali to understand the scriptures ?

Dear/ Mama,
Dandvat Pranam to you all। Know my Unalloyed Love and Affection। As per your declaration you 2 are going to follow Bramcharya Vrata. Until and Unless you are successful to engage all your sense organs and mind in Guru- Vaishnava- Bhagvan Seva you can never come out successful in devotional life. Who’s speaking what, I am less interested about that, but what Srila Prabhupada told that I wanted to Project. Now you will have to search your heart to find answer to my question of Guru Seva. If you cannot find any application (In Guru Seva) of what you were learning then what use? Sanskrit and Bengali can give you some backing in your Bhajan if at all can be applied properly, otherwise all material education useless in Hari- Bhajan. Keeping in mind the gravity of Vani Seva you must get Prepration very quickly to serve Srila Prabhupada. Through Computer you will have to do Vani Seva in all different ways. Internet course you can complete of you think it fit. Life is so short that we should not waste our time. Homely Seva a burden for you? Excuse me, never try to misunderstand me, I am always with you.

Thanks a Lot
Truly yours in the service of Guru-Gauranga and Go Mata.
Your Beloved,
Sri Shyam Baba.

Is it okay to put Jesus on the Altar and worship him as Krsna?

Is it okay to put Jesus on the Altar? And worship him as if he were Krsna? Can I surrender to Jesus and sing Christian prayers? Is that Bhakti too? Jesus turned water into wine at the request of his mother Mary, but wouldn’t that be intoxication or could we drink wine now and then like Catholics do during their celebrations?

Answere :

All glories to Guru and Gauranga
To my Dear ……….. ,
Accept my unalloyed love and affection. Dandavat pranam to you all those who are going to develop their consciousness up to the level of the standard set by Sri Krsna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu—The Supreme Lord.
Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Sarasvati Gosvami Thakur Prabhupada told that—“ Bhakti is the natural function of our soul, which is at present not visible due to the strong covering of Maya ( Illusion ) “
Your finite conception can not allow you to follow me fully right now. All your prejudicial conception or faith or logical interpretation should be thrown away totally—if you are at all interested to catch that absolute truth– absolute way by the causeless mercy of Guru –Vaishnava. Logical interpretation can not stand in the way of that absolute truth. Half-truth is more dangerous than lie. Be careful about that. Sri Krsna ( or Sri Krsna Chaitanya Deva) is the absolute Godhead – all-powerful—all-pervading, so none can be compared with Him –anyway. Also Sri Gita alone can give you the complete spiritual knowledge under the guidance of pure Guru- Vaishnava. There is every possibility that due to an unstable mind you can lose everything. So be careful about any type of asat-sanga ( evil association). Only your strong faith in Guru- Vaishnava can save you from Maya ( Illusione ) which is likely to come in front of you in the form of misconception of tattva or in the form of Christian association or even in the form of wine and woman etc. As per all those authentic scriptural evidence Sri Krsna is the original source of everything ( The original cause of all causes), so naturally, you or me or everybody or even Jesus Christ himself can be treated as the son of the Supreme Lord ( or messenger) but any other wrong conception can not be allowed – anyway.
Only and only one-pointed devotional practice under the guidance of pure Guru-Vaishnava can expel all your misconceptions and impurity ( dirty garbage) from your heart. Try to live exclusive way with the help of continuous Harikatha –Kirtan to avoid all types of contamination to save you from imminent danger.

Thanks a lot.
Truly yours in the service of Guru , Gauranga and Gomata — Baba Shyam das

How to take care&worship Srimati Tulasi Devi ?

Answer : Srimati Tulasi Devi is Bhakti Devi, so we must be very careful to worship Tulasi Devi. Darshan (to see), Sparshan (to touch), Dhyan (to meditate), Rupon (to plant seed), Sechan (to give water), Pujan (to worship), Parikrama (to move around Tulasi Devi) etc. seva of Tulasi Devi can give you Bhakti – if done with full care & respect. The great Namacharya Srila Haridas Thakur used to do Tulasi puja & Harinam. If you can maintain both eternal & external purity then you can get great result shortly. Try to offer water, flowers, garland, dhupa, dipa etc. to Tulasi Devi both in the morning & evening time. At veranda or at rooftop or at any open place where sufficient air, water & sunlight facility available, there you can keep Tulasi Devi. Or you can make an altar for Tulasi Devi. Time to time cutting of Tulasi Manjari can help the growth of the tree. But always try to protect Tulasi Devi from too hot or too cold weather. Don’t try to touch Tulasi Devi in impure condition. Only after taking bath & changing cloth you can worship Tulasi Devi. Tulasi leaf can be offered unto the Lotus Feet of Bhagavan with great care. While taking leaf from Tulasi tree you must beg for pardon. I can say this much at present.

Gaura Hari Haribol

How to offer prasadam exact way ?

How to offer prasadam exact way ? ( for new devotees and initiated devotees )


Answer :
Regarding offering of prasadam (for Beginners)

Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Sarasvati Prabhupada used to say that—“ Bhakti is the natural function of our soul.”
On the basis of this Siddhanta we can easily realize that due to the influence of Maya we cannot realize how purely we should serve Supreme Lord. To serve Supreme Lord we must go up to the level of transcendental purity, but actually for new devotees ( specially those who are not initiated) as such there is no heavy restrictions, but still just like a small child they can go on following some idealism set by previous Gaudiya Acharyas. This is not sadhana bhakti for them at present , because they are not initiated as yet, but still they can try practice. If at present they cannot follow those rules and regulations strictly, but still their soft emotion and faith can get the chance to climb a solid ground of devotional field in near future. At least they can go on hearing real Harikatha continuously to develop at least minimum purity to satisfy Bhagavan in near future after getting initiated by a bonafied spiritual master.

Regarding offering of prasadam (for Devotees those who are already initiated)

Devotees those who are already initiated by a bonafied spiritual master they must follow the strict rules and regulations set by Sri Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Sarasvati Prabhupada to develop flawless devotional mood ( niskapat bhava) to maintain both internal and external purity. They are requested to follow the arcan paddati published from Gaudiya Matha to get detailed information about it. If they are already having basic knowledge for them the procedure of offering given below within a few lines—

1., Buttha suddhi , then Guru –Puja, then Guru- Parampara – Puja, after that Gauranga Puja, after that Radha Krsna Vigraha can be worshiped.

2., Bhoga can be offered all in separate plates, for Guruvarga , Gauranga , and RadhaKrsna. With Tulasi Manjari for each plate. For each prasadam plate separate water glass should be there. Then offering mantra should be uttered for each plate for respective deities or photos. Or if you like to offer only one plate of Bhoga together with one water glass then first you will have to offer to Sri Sri Radha Krsna Vigraha, then secondly you will have to offer to Sriman Mahaprabhu, then in third stage you can offer that prasadam to all Guruvarga. But don’t forget to maintain all purity regarding your body,mind , etc. Item collected for Bhoga should be pure (not collected from a dirty materialistic personality). Also the cook-man should cook with full devotion. The man going to offer to Krsna should have flawless devotional mood ( without any duplicity ).

How should i identify myself ?

Dear Maharaj,

Please accept my humble pranama at your lotusfeet.

You said in your harikatha, that we can ask questions on jiva tattva, if we have any.

Question 1:

You mentioned, that the Lord isn’t interfering in the free will of the jiva.  Now I was thinking, when the Lord is killing demons and giving them liberation, isn’t this interference in the demons’ free will?

Question 2: I heard many times, that it is a wrong identification to say, I am from Austria, America, India, etc., because actually this is just a material designation. I also don’t want to speak wrong things, so when someone asks me, “Where are you from?”, What is the good answer that one should give? Maybe:

I am from Sri Krishna. Or I am from tatastha sakti. Or Are referring to me, a spiritual soul? Or to the birthplace of my body? And with these replies I could also initiate a spiritual discussion? Or shall I reply to this conventional questions with a simple conventional answer, like I am from Austria, although I know that it’s just a material designation? What are your suggestions, please?


All glories to Sri Sri Gauranga

Dandavat pranam to you all

Answer to your question Nr.1:

In our social life (material life) we have no alternative way open so we are bound to identify ourselves with respect to our material identification, but our spiritual identity should not be like that. That is why to stop divisive mood (–ve attitude) I was bound to speak that way.

Answer to your question Nr.2:

Bhagavan never like to interfere with the free will of Jivatma, but asura killing by the Lord is a Lila to protect us all, and also to fulfill the desire of those Jivatmas presently in the form of asura. From Sri Gita we know the following Sloka :

yadā yadā hi dharmasya
glānir bhavati bhārata
abhyutthānam adharmasya
tadātmānaṁ sṛjāmy aham


 “Arjuna ,  whenever righteousness is on the decline, unrighteousness is in the ascending order, then I Myself come.”

paritrāṇāya sādhūnāṁ
vināśāya ca duṣkṛtām
sambhavāmi yuge yuge

“For the protection of the virtuous, for the extirpation of evil doers, and for establishing dharma  (righteousness) on a firm footing, I come (appear) age to age.”

This Sloka can establish this siddhanta that—as and when situation demand so Bhagavan appears on this material planet. This is also special kripa for those asura.

To keep His own commitment of protecting devotees and to establish dharma Bhagavan doing this kind of Lila. If normally when any Jivatma is only busy with personal profit and lost account or busy with virtue and vice account, in that case Bhagavan not going to take any action (or Bhagavan don’t like to interfere with their personal desire) but when any evil atma going to cross the maximum limit to make problem for the whole creation, then to protect us and to reestablish dharma “He” is bound to appear to check them (to give them punishment),  then what’s wrong in it ? Specially from Srimad Bhagavatm 7/ 4/27 Sloka we know that

yadā deveṣu vedeṣu

goṣu vipreṣu sādhuṣu

dharme mayi ca vidveṣaḥ

sa vā āśu vinaśyati


When one is envious of the demigods, who represent the Supreme Personality of Godhead, of the Vedas, which give all knowledge, of the cows, brāhmaṇas, Vaiṣṇavas and religious principles, and ultimately of Me, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, he and his civilization will be vanquished without delay.

Thanks a lot.

Truly yours in the service of Guru , Gauranga and Gomata

— Baba Shyam das

How to protect myself ?

Question : My Gurudeva told—“ We are thinking that we have developed our science and all other things, but we have lost something. What thing have we lost? Love for each other. But in our sanga few devotees which are senior like politics and controlling and exploiting the new humble comers. Can you please give us some advice.

Answer to your question:

All glories to Sri Sri Gauranga

Dandavat pranam to you all

Yasmin sarvani bhutani atmaiva bhut vijanataha tatra ko mohaha kaha shokaha ekatvamupashyatah ||7||

Yasmin=when or in which Self, sarvāṇi bhūtāni= the same (already mentioned) beings of all kinds, ātma eva abhūt= became one’s own self, through right perception, vijānataḥ = (to the knower) of Reality. tatra= then or in such Self, ko mohaḥ kaṣṣokaḥ = (what delusion and what sorrow?). Sorrow and delusion are for one that does not understand the source of desire and activity but not to one that realises the unity of Self, pure and resembling space. The third pāda by calling in question and denying the possibility of sorrow and delusion which are the result of nescience, indicates (so far as the knower is concerned) the absolute cessation of worldly existence together with its cause.

To speak or to pass lecture about prema is very easy, but until and unless one cannot see the whole world (creation) in relation to the Supreme Lord it is quite impossible. From Upanishad we can find the following Sloka:

“Atma Va Are Drastavyah Srotavyo Mantavyo Nididhyasitavyah – Verily the self should be seen (realised), heard, reflected on and meditated upon.” [Bri. Up. 4.5.6]

Actually in relation to atma (cit vastu) we can love each other. Without atma jnana  this kind of love is impossible. All equal darshan only can develop inside the heart of a great sadhu who is totally established in Advaya jnana tattva. Unity in diversity darshan or diversity in unity darshan is the actually Advaya jnana darshan.  If i myself get deviated from the track of Bhagavat parampara then surely contamination of Mayavada darshan vichar can be found in me, then where can be the possibility of prema darshan for all in me? I know that lack of prema is the only chronic disease all over the world. Be sure that within Maya darshan politics (for arranging personal labha , puja , kama , prathista) must be there, to protect yourself from such danger or problem nonstop satsanga (Harinam Sankirtan – Harikatha) is the only prescribed medicine for you. Because then and only then you can keep yourself away from that kind of evil association, no alternative.


Sadhu-Sange Krsna-nama ei matra cai

samsara jinite ar kono vastu nai

(Jagadananda Pandit – Prema-Vaivarta).

Translation by His Divine Grace Srila Bhakti Rakshak Sridhar Dev-Goswami Maharaj “To chant Krsna-Nama without the association of the sadhus means also to have to proceed with difficulty. Therefore in one word the solution is in sadhu sanga. We are to secure the company of a standard realized soul, then everything will fall into place, and the king of the sadhus is Sri Guru.”

Thanks a lot.

Truly yours in the service of Guru , Gauranga and Gomata

— Baba Shyam das


How can I increase the chanting quality of my rounds?

Question : How can I increase the chanting quality of my rounds? What should I think about while chanting? What should I do when Maya attacks and it is difficult to engage in chanting?



All glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga

Dear/ Prabhuji,
                            Dandavat pranam to all.

Know my unalloyed love and affection I am very happy to see your question. Because this Question can prove your sincerity to do Hari-Bhajan without any duplicity. Actually to increase the chanting Quality of your rounds- surely you should have strong faith in Hari-Guru-Vaishnava. Because then and only then you can realize that Harinam Prabhu is aprakrita Vastu (the transcendental Incarnation of the Supreme Lord Sri Krsna in the form of Nama Brahma) but this is only possible to realize by the grace of Sad-Guru-Vaishnava. The more you can grow seva mood, the more you can feel the transcendental feature of Harinam Prabhu. Srila Satchidananda Bhaktivinod Thakur used to say that—“ You can go on doing seva with full attention by the help of your sense organs and mind then you can discover Harinam Prabhu dancing on your tongue before long.” By seva all anarthas (all sensual defects) can go away, then and only then you can feel the real taste of Harinaam as nectar. Actually without attaining trinad api bhava it is quite impossible to get the actual kripa of Harinam Prabhu. This is the teachings of Sriman Mahaprabhu (the third sloka of Siksastakam).
It is quite natural that at the beginning (immature stage) stage you can feel disturbance to do Harinam and other seva, but if you have strong faith in pure Sadhu-Guru-Vaishnava, then you can shout by their name for the survival and cry. Then immediately you can get solution (I mean you can get divine help) of your problem. This is the advice of the great Gaura Parshad Srila Raghunatha Das Gosvami. Do accordingly and be happy in true sense.

Thanks a lot

Truly yours, in the service of Guru- Gauranga and Go-Mat

Baba Shyam Das



What is the position of Jesus? Is he a Shaktavesa Avatar?




Though I have not seen any direct scriptural evidence or document about Jesus Christ, but still some of our Guruvarga speaking that –“Jesus Christ is Shakta Vesha Avatar”.  Maybe by watching his havoc power of changing the hearts of common people -they told that way. Now point is that Shakta Vesha Avatar means some special power transmission by the Supreme Lord in some elevated jiva to get something special done by that Jivattma- according to time and situation (I mean if the situation demands so).  Also remember that many times Jesus told that—“I am the son of that nectarine father Isvara  (Supreme Lord) “. Though the dharma of Christian doctrine was established by him but still there is no such guarantee that we can get the same teachings as was spoken by him. Almost all of his original messages are missing or can be found in a very distorted form due to the lack of genuine successive followers of Jesus Christ. Due to lack of perfect disciple succession, there is no such surety that we can get the same teachings as was thought by him before. So there is a great confusion even among different groups of Christian societies about this matter. Anyway if we can take it as granted that at all he was a deputed messenger of the Lord as he himself proclaimed many times before, then what was the purpose? That is very important. We should look into the matter very carefully. When we can see clearly from the doctrine preached by him that he was busy to make people pious in general sense. To show them the way of heaven was his special teachings. Ok. But all the fourteen worlds or I mean the whole cosmic creation totally can come under the category of material creation (not aprakrita or transcendental), be it heaven or hell, that is not a big issue. So the question of actual spiritual development or the question of attaining spiritual perfection is not at all there in his teachings. But this is only available there with our Attma Dharma or Bhagavat Dharma or Sanatan Dharma , or Vaishnava Dharma. Now Question is that, if at all we can think that Jesus was send by the Lord as a messenger to deliver some general religious messages which was very urgent only for that time periode according to some critical situation developed at that time, then surely we cannot expect absolute benefit of the soul from him, still there can be such possibility that those who want to meet with Jesus by following him perfectly—can find him there at heaven, or at any suitable place where he would like to appear before them, though maybe the original svarupa of Jesus can be there anywhere in the spiritual sky (we have no clear information about that). Like the case of Shankar Acharya Avatar who is no other then Shankar Bhagavan. But Shankar Bhagavan staying at Shiva Loka, which is within this material creation (where all Ghosts and Witches they also staying with him), though the original Sada Shiva is there at Vaikuntha platform, but still we can find the sudden appearance of Shankar Bhagavan according to our Bhajan power. Now point is that if at all it is possible for somebody to meet with Shankar Bhagavan according to their Bhajan power, then surely somebody can also meet with Jesus Christ according to Bhajan power, what’s wrong in it?

Brahma Samhita Text 43 :

goloka-namni nija-dhamni tale ca tasya

devi mahesa-hari-dhamasu tesu tesu

te teo prabhava-nicaya vihitas ca yena

govindam adi-purusam tam aham bhajami


Lowest of all is located Devi-dhama [mundane world], next above it is Mahesa-dhama [abode of Mahesa]; above Mahesa-dhama is placed Hari-dhama [abode of Hari] and above them all is located Krsna’s own realm named Goloka. I adore the primeval Lord Govinda, who has allotted their respective authorities to the rulers of those graded realms.




Which position can sadhakas attain who want to become Krishna's wife? Is it possible?

Full Question:

I know from reading sastra and listening to harikatha, that there are 5 main rasas, a jiva can attain a relationship with Krishna in one of them. While the nitya siddha associates of Krishna have their respective positions, one sadhaka upon attaining siddhi can become their servant. For example, nobody can become Yashoda, Nanda, Radharani or Lalita, but one can become their servant, if I understood it correctly. Because Krishna has unlimited gopi girlfriends, even it’s possible to become a gopi. Now my question, in madhura rasa there is svakiya and parakiya.

As far as I know, Krishna has a fixed number of wives, in Dvaraka, 16108. Then which position can sadhakas attain who want to become Krishna’s wife? Is it possible?

I don’t want to become Krishna’s wife in Dvaraka, but I was just thinking about this point. If you could kindly explain me?



All glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga


Dandavat Pranam to you all.

Know my unalloyed love and affection. Your honest inquiry giving me satisfaction.  This kind of question not new, but if you can realize Gaudiya tattva siddhanta vichar from heart then there cannot be any doubt or suspicion. Sriman Mahaprabhu speaking in His Sanatan sikhsa that – all Sri Krsna lilas, are eternally present (nittya) . How? Like a rotating wheel—all Krsna Lilas, going on at all different countless Brahmandas, but the original pastime always there eternally present at eternal Goloka Dham. Suppose when Sri Vrindavan appearing in our Brahmanda—On this earth within this total planetary system—Then all nittya parikaras or parikaris together with Srimati Radharani Sri Govinda can appear, but still the original Goloka lila not going to stop, how this can be possible that Svaparsad Sri Sri Radha- Govinda can  also do lila here on this earth? From Iso-Upanishad Sloka we know it very well that –


oṁ pūrṇam adaḥ pūrṇam idaṁ

pūrṇāt pūrṇam udacyate

pūrṇasya pūrṇam ādāya

pūrṇam evāvaśiṣyate            (Iso-Upanishad 1.1.)


The Personality of Godhead is perfect and complete, and because He is completely perfect, all emanations from Him, such as this phenomenal world, are perfectly equipped as complete wholes. Whatever is produced of the Complete Whole is also complete in itself. Because He is the Complete Whole, even though so many complete units emanate from Him, He remains the complete balance.


Each and everything there at Sri Goloka Dham is chinmoye, even a dust particle there is also chinmoye. Dvarka-Mathura or Sri Vrindavan all eternally present at Sri Goloka Dham, but still can appear on this Earth by the desire of the Supreme Lord. All different countless Vaikuntha lilas are also eternally present. Any particular Jivattma if going to attain siddhi, what kind of siddhi that Jivattma can get, it depend upon her process of Bhajan and mood. Of course each and every Jivattma having personal eternal svarupa already specified by the Supreme Lord and just waiting there at eternal Dham to be attended by the Jivattma ultimately. Only suitable satsanga can help manifest the hidden svarupa of the Jiva. Infinity Jivas can have infinity mood of seva. Sri Krsna also have His infinity diversity mood of getting seva from them. Sri Krsna is always full of sportive nature. Any Jivattma in saddhan siddha stage if like to serve Sri Krsna just like any nittya siddha parsad, suppose Lalita sakhi, surely can never become Lalita sakhi herself, but rather can get the sevananda of Lalita sakhi satisfied in her own Bhajan life– to enjoy same sevananda.


kṛṣṇaṁ smaran janaṁ cāsya

preṣṭhaṁ nija-samīhitam

tat-tat-kathā-rataś cāsau

kuryād vāsaṁ vraje sadā     (BRS. 1.2.150)


One should constantly remember Krsna in His Nava-Kishore Sri Nandanandan form and the beloved associate of Sri Krsna who is having svajatija bhava or the identical mood for which one aspires. One should always reside in Sri Braja Dham with great attachment of hearing topics regarding Krsna and His devotees, specially the topic for which the sadhaka aspiring. If one is physically unable to live at Braja Dham then at least mentally should stay there. This is the method of Raganuga Bhakti sadhana.


sevā sādhaka-rūpeṇa

siddha-rūpeṇa cātra hi

tad-bhāva-lipsunā kāryā


( CC Madhya 22/ 158)


A sadhaka who has lobha for Raganuga Bhakti should serve Sri Krsna both in the sadhaka rupa and in the siddha rupa–  in accordance with the bhava of the Brajavasi who possess the same mood of seva for which the sadhaka aspiring.


So we see that a Raganuga margi sadhaka always thinking Krsna (remember Krsna) in the favorable way– just like one particular Braja parikar’s seva bhava for which the sadhaka aspiring. The particular bhava of seva of that particular Braja parikar which is being cherished by the sadhaka in sadhana stage can go on thinking about that related nittya lila which is going on at eternal Goloka Dham- by staying continuously there in Braja Dham at least mentally if not possible physically. Sriman Mahaprabhu speaking in Sanatan Shiksa—

nijābhīṣṭa kṛṣṇa-preṣṭha pācheta’ lāgiyā

nirantara sevā kare antarmanā hañā        

(CC Madhya 22/ 159)

The eternal residents of Braja are known as Krsna prestha, very dear to Krsna. Among Krsna’s various devotees, those who possess the mood of service towards Him for which one intensely hankers are known as nijabhista krsna prestha. Following the footsteps of those beloved associates of Sri Krsna, for whose mood of service one hankers, one should constantly serve Radha-Krsna within the mind through one’s internally conceived eternal spiritual form simultaneously.

Shanta, Dasya, Sakya, Vatsalya, Madhura (both svakiya and parakiya) these are the five eternal rasas there. In shanta rasa  without discovering any relationship with Krsna directly, seva can be done. Like-Go-Betra-Visan-trees etc. all are in this category. Dasya, Sakhya, Vatsalya , Madhura—these are the four rasas through which one can serve Krsna, but each of those rasa has countless differsity. Sample example given below—

Those who like to get Dasya bhava seva siddhi like Rattvak -Pattrak etc. then they should follow them in toto. Those who like to get Sakhya rasa seva bhava siddhi they should follow Sridam, Sudam, Vasudam, Subal etc. according to personal choice of seva bhava mood. Those who like to get Vatsalya seva bhava siddhi like Nanda, Yasoda, Rohini, etc. then they should follow Nanda, Yasoda, Rohini according to personal choice of seva bhava mood.

Those who like to get Madhura parakiya rasa seva bhava siddhi they should follow Lalita, Vishaka, etc. according to personal choice of seva bhava mood. Of course the above mentioned Madhaura rasa is applicable for parakiya rasa. About svakiya Madhura Rasa seva bhava siddhi one should follow Rukmini, Satyabama, or Jambavati etc. according to the personal choice of seva bhava mood. Then the sadhaka can get Svakiya rasa seva bhava siddhi accordingly. No problem in it. Because that particular Krsna prestha’s anugatya is the most vital thing for a sadhaka who is feeling greed for that. The sadhaka must follow the particular Krsna presta.

Countless gopis can serve Krsna countless way (full of countless diversity). Under the perfect guidance of Sat Guru Deva ultimately one can realize her eternal sakhi Manjari svarupa to discover her own position and svarupa (all the eleven different types of identification like name, age factor, group, seva, etc.) . Sri Guru Deva can see our nitya svarupa identity and can speak to us. At Dvaraka Dhama though officially 16,108 numbers of wives are there, still it can be possible to serve Sri Krsna with that kind of mood—just like the case of Mirabai, who got Dvarka svakiya rasa seva bhava siddhi. The arrangement of Krsna is inconcevaiable and vast.

ye yatha mam prapadyante

tams tathaiva bhajamy aham

mama vartmanuvartante

manusyah partha sarvasah      

(BG, Chapter 4/11)

In whatever way my devotees surrender unto Me, I reward them accordingly. Everyone follows my path in all respects.

amake ta’ ye ye bhakta bhaje yei bhave

tare se se bhave bhaji,—-e mora svabhave  

(CC . Adi 4/19)

“In whatever transcendental mellow My devotee worships Me, I reciprocate with him. That is My nature.”

Then what problem can stand? Only and only under the anugatya of sakhi manjari ( or Srimate Raharani) one can get the chance to get parakiya madhura seva rasa siddhi. Kubja got Madhura rasa siddhi but that was totally different way, which we can never expect. Though Mirabai was doing bhajan of Giridhari Lal, still she could not get Vrindavana parakiya rasa bhava siddhi, because she never wanted to follow Srimati Radharani or sakhi manjari. Three different kind of rati we can find in shastra—Sadarani, Samanjasa or Samarta rati.

The first–The rati as for example the permanent sentiment or stahi bhava that is not very much deep and that is generally aroused by the sight (darshan) of Sri Krsna alone and that is pregnant with a thirst for love-sports with the Lord is called sadarani rati.

The Second– This rati is very very rare the fabulous gem that grants the possessor whatever may be wished for (like Cintamani). Here the rati is deep in the feeling of married wife hood, as in the case of Queens of Dvarka in their relationship with the Supreme Lord.


The third—this rati is possible only in the damsels of Braja and nowhere else. It is supremely one without a second—just like the Kaustuba Mani– the jewel that adorns the chest of Sri Krsna. As the Kaustuba Jewel cannot be found anywhere, but only on the chest of Sri Krsna alone, so also this samartha rati is possible only with the damsels of Braja. But it’s distinctive characteristics of an inconceivable luminous Quality, which is lacking in sadarani or samanjasa rati, samarta rati overwhelms and charms Sri Krsna and thereby subdues Him completely. Here there is no possible gap for any thirst for union with the Lord, because here samarta rati and the supreme union are merged into one. This rati is exceeding profound and deep beyond ones imagination.

If the sadhaka like the mood of the service of Rukmini Devi or the service of Satyabhama or any particular seva mood of any Dwarka Mahishi, then can get seva siddhi accordingly, I mean the way I already discussed just before. But without that if some sadhaka can love Krsna just like a wife loving Krsna then can get svakiya rasa seva bhva siddhi, provided her Sat Guru nistha or Sat Guru anugatya is perfect and the mantra she has received from her Sat Guru Deva (Siddha Guru Deva) has favorable link with that kind of svakiya rasa siddhi.

Those sahajia sampradayas– they are always in confusion about this point, so they are always speaking rubbish siddhanta vichar- without any positive link of authentic shastra vichar.

Someone can get siddhi in Ram bhajan providet he has received Ram mantra from Sat Guru Deva. Mantra and Mantra Devata identical with each other. Mantra can show Mantar Devata provided the bhajan is perfect. This is appropriate Siddhanta vichar, but big big speaker at Vrindavan they speak just opposite. One famous Ramanandi speaker who can speak nicely on the topics of Gopi Gita or Brahmara Gita etc. But how it is possible for him to get direct feeling about Sri Krsna Lila (or realization) ? Because he is initiated by Ram Mantra, not by Krsna Mantra in that case it is quiete impossible to get the direct feeling about Krsna lila. We know already that –

kṛṣṇa se tomāra, kṛṣṇa dīte pāro,

tomāra śakati āche

āmi to’ kāńgāla, ‘kṛṣṇa’ ‘kṛṣṇa’ boli’,

dhāi tava pāche pāche                   

(Song by Srila Bhaktivinod Thakura)

Krsna is yours. You have the power to give Him to me. I am simply your servant running behind you and shouting–“Krsna! Krsna!”  They all speak like mad man. Someone was initiated by Ram mantra but they speak he was siddha in Krsna Bhajan. How is that possible? Try to think over and again on those vital points to get rigidity in your bhajan.


Thanks a lot.

      Truly yours in the service ofGuru-Gauranga and Go-Mata


Baba Shyam Das





Can one attain siddhi also by chanting the Hare Krishna Mahamantra without Diksha?

Full Question:


 I have read in sastra and heard from senior Vaishnavas, that one can attain siddhi also by chanting the Hare Krishna Mahamantra, even without getting initiated with any diksha mantra. If the siddhi one can attain depends on the diksha mantra, which position can those attain who chant only the Hare Krishna Mahamantra?

And Babaji had mentioned, that initiation actually means to receive sambandha jnana. He gave the example of Parikshit Maharaj, who heard  Bhagavata from Sukadeva Gosvami, who is therefore his guru. He hadn’t received Krishna mantra, and I also haven’t heard anything that he was chanting the Hare Krishna Mahamantra. Which position did he attain?





All Glories to Sri Sri Guru-Gauranga


                                                    Dandavat pranam to you all.

Know my unalloyed love and affection. Situation of all jivas are not the same. Srila Saccidananda Bhaktivinod Thakur has said that Diksha in true sense (the diksha is a must for all baddha jivas to attain spiritual success). As per different authentic spiritual evidence Diksha is a must for all baddha jiva , no alternative way out open. Also Srila Raghunath Das Gosvami Pad who is the eternal Parshad of Gauranga Deva and also who is known as Prayojan-tattva Acharya has said in his Manah-Siksha that- 

gurau goṣṭhe goṣṭhālayiṣu sujane bhūsura-gaṇe sva-mantre śrī-nāmni vraja-nava-yuva-dvandva-śaraṇe sadā dambhaṁ hitvā kuru ratim apūrvām atitarām aye svāntar bhrātaś caṭubhir abhiyāce dhṛta-padaḥ     (Manah-Siksha Vers 1)

“O my dear brother, my foolish mind, taking hold of your feet, I humbly pray to you with sweet words. Please give up all pride and quickly develop deep, loving attachment for the spiritual master, Śrī Vrajadhāma, the residents of Vraja, the Vaiṣṇavas, the brāhmaṇas, your dīkṣā-mantras, the holy names of the Supreme Lord, and the shelter of Śrī Śrī Rādhā-Kṛṣṇa, the eternally youthful Divine Couple of Vraja.”    

In this sloka also we can see that Diksha is a must, no compromise, but some exceptional case can be found like the case of Parikshit Maharaja, who was not initiated by any Guru, only he got the chance to hear Srimad Bhagavat Katha from the Lotus mouth of Paramahamsa  Acharyabarya Srila Sikadeva Gosvami Pad. Be sure that Srila Parikshit Maharaja was not any ordinary baddha jiva. Even at the time of birth his horoscope maker—big , big Sadhu-Muni-Rishi told that—he is Maha Bhagavat. In Srimad Bhagavatam itself at least three, four times such comment can be found. Also we know that even he saw Krsna at the womb of mother. So what to speak about his siddhi? Srimad Bhagavatam is Sri Krsna Himself, so through the procedure of shravan bhakti he was successful. Srila Paramahamsa Acharyabarya Srila Sukadeva Gosvami who is no other than Krsna (reference Srimad Bhagavat Mahima from Skanda Purana) he has said that –Srimad Bhagavatam Sri Krsna eva hi, Sri Krsna parivartito (the sound Incarnation of Sri Krsna himself) this kind of perfect shravan bhakti (sravanam of Srimad Bhagavatam) by Srila Parikshit Maharaja from the Lotus mouth of Srila Sukadeva Gosvami can surely yield the complete result of Diksha to give success in Bhajan, no doubt in it. We know he already got already svarupa siddhi. Srila Prabhupada has said that—“His Diksha was surely complete Diksha, there cannot have any shortage or defect.”

Some jivas due to previous good smaskaras can develop strong faith in Harinam Mahamantra, also they can feel that Harinam Mahamantra is itself complete. Specially for them it is written in Chaitanya Carirtamrita :

dīkṣā-puraścaryā-vidhi apekṣā nā kare
jihvā-sparśe ā-caṇḍāla sabāre uddhāre
      (CC Madhya 15.108)

 “One does not have to undergo initiation or execute the activities required before initiation. One simply has to vibrate the holy name with his lips. Thus even a man in the lowest class [caṇḍāla] can be delivered.”

This siddhanta vichar is applicable for them only, not for all. Really this Mahamantra can give any siddhi even Krsna prema siddhi. This kind of excellent feeling that Mahamantra is above all and itself complete, so only through Mahamantra I can get Bhajan siddhi. Is only possible if at all sambandha gyana has been developed in previous life or this life before, because without developing sambandha gyana seva is not at all possible. Truly speaking the procedure through which one can develop sambandha gyana is actuall diksha, either it can develop through hearing Bhagavta Katha from right source or by getting Harinam Mahamantra from right source or even diksha from right source. Srila Nama Acharya Srila Haridas Thakur is showing the perfect idealisum of Harinam Mahamantra Japa. He has shown us that only through Harinam Mahamantra Japa-Bhajan siddhi is possible. Not only that but also when Laksahira was successful to get Harinam Mahamantra Diksha kripa from Srila Nama Acharya Srila Haridas Thakur then she was also successful through Mahamantra Japa as was shown by her Gurudeva. She became siddha. Also what to speak more, to get kripa from heart big big Acharya- Mahantas—they used to go there at the bhajan kutir of Srila Haridas Thakur at Benapol. What a great magic spell is there with Sri Harinam Mahamantra, we must think over and again.

Srila Parikshit Maharaj is the great idealism for us as shravan Acharya. Also Nama Acharya Haridas Thakur has shown us the idealism of Sri Nama Acharyaship.

Thanks a lot.

Truly yours in the service of

Guru-Gauranga and Go-Mata

Baba Shyam Das





Can one change his mood from Rama to Krishna by hearing harikatha ?

Full Question:

Is the Ramanandi sampradaya speaker disqualified from attaining Krishna, because of having received Rama mantra? Or is it somehow possible that he changes his mood from Rama to Krishna by hearing harikatha from Krishna bhaktas, like Vyenkata Bhatta was converted from Lakshmi Narayan worship to Radha Krishna worship by Mahaprabhu’s mercy?





All Glories to Sri Sri Guru-Gauranga


                                                    Dandavat pranam to you all.

Know my unalloyed love and affection. Situation of all jivas are not the same. Srila Saccidananda Bhaktivinod Thakur has said that Diksha in true sense (the diksha is a must for all baddha jivas to attain spiritual success). As per different authentic spiritual evidence Diksha is a must for all baddha jiva , no alternative way out open. Also Srila Raghunath Das Gosvami Pad who is the eternal Parshad of Gauranga Deva and also who is known as Prayojan-tattva Acharya has said in his Manah-Siksha that- 

gurau goṣṭhe goṣṭhālayiṣu sujane bhūsura-gaṇe sva-mantre śrī-nāmni vraja-nava-yuva-dvandva-śaraṇe sadā dambhaṁ hitvā kuru ratim apūrvām atitarām aye svāntar bhrātaś caṭubhir abhiyāce dhṛta-padaḥ     (Manah-Siksha Vers 1)

“O my dear brother, my foolish mind, taking hold of your feet, I humbly pray to you with sweet words. Please give up all pride and quickly develop deep, loving attachment for the spiritual master, Śrī Vrajadhāma, the residents of Vraja, the Vaiṣṇavas, the brāhmaṇas, your dīkṣā-mantras, the holy names of the Supreme Lord, and the shelter of Śrī Śrī Rādhā-Kṛṣṇa, the eternally youthful Divine Couple of Vraja.”    

In this sloka also we can see that Diksha is a must, no compromise, but some exceptional case can be found like the case of Parikshit Maharaja, who was not initiated by any Guru, only he got the chance to hear Srimad Bhagavat Katha from the Lotus mouth of Paramahamsa  Acharyabarya Srila Sikadeva Gosvami Pad. Be sure that Srila Parikshit Maharaja was not any ordinary baddha jiva. Even at the time of birth his horoscope maker—big , big Sadhu-Muni-Rishi told that—he is Maha Bhagavat. In Srimad Bhagavatam itself at least three, four times such comment can be found. Also we know that even he saw Krsna at the womb of mother. So what to speak about his siddhi? Srimad Bhagavatam is Sri Krsna Himself, so through the procedure of shravan bhakti he was successful. Srila Paramahamsa Acharyabarya Srila Sukadeva Gosvami who is no other than Krsna (reference Srimad Bhagavat Mahima from Skanda Purana) he has said that –Srimad Bhagavatam Sri Krsna eva hi, Sri Krsna parivartito (the sound Incarnation of Sri Krsna himself) this kind of perfect shravan bhakti (sravanam of Srimad Bhagavatam) by Srila Parikshit Maharaja from the Lotus mouth of Srila Sukadeva Gosvami can surely yield the complete result of Diksha to give success in Bhajan, no doubt in it. We know he already got already svarupa siddhi. Srila Prabhupada has said that—“His Diksha was surely complete Diksha, there cannot have any shortage or defect.”

Some jivas due to previous good smaskaras can develop strong faith in Harinam Mahamantra, also they can feel that Harinam Mahamantra is itself complete. Specially for them it is written in Chaitanya Carirtamrita :

dīkṣā-puraścaryā-vidhi apekṣā nā kare
jihvā-sparśe ā-caṇḍāla sabāre uddhāre
      (CC Madhya 15.108)

 “One does not have to undergo initiation or execute the activities required before initiation. One simply has to vibrate the holy name with his lips. Thus even a man in the lowest class [caṇḍāla] can be delivered.”

This siddhanta vichar is applicable for them only, not for all. Really this Mahamantra can give any siddhi even Krsna prema siddhi. This kind of excellent feeling that Mahamantra is above all and itself complete, so only through Mahamantra I can get Bhajan siddhi. Is only possible if at all sambandha gyana has been developed in previous life or this life before, because without developing sambandha gyana seva is not at all possible. Truly speaking the procedure through which one can develop sambandha gyana is actuall diksha, either it can develop through hearing Bhagavta Katha from right source or by getting Harinam Mahamantra from right source or even diksha from right source. Srila Nama Acharya Srila Haridas Thakur is showing the perfect idealisum of Harinam Mahamantra Japa. He has shown us that only through Harinam Mahamantra Japa-Bhajan siddhi is possible. Not only that but also when Laksahira was successful to get Harinam Mahamantra Diksha kripa from Srila Nama Acharya Srila Haridas Thakur then she was also successful through Mahamantra Japa as was shown by her Gurudeva. She became siddha. Also what to speak more, to get kripa from heart big big Acharya- Mahantas—they used to go there at the bhajan kutir of Srila Haridas Thakur at Benapol. What a great magic spell is there with Sri Harinam Mahamantra, we must think over and again.

Srila Parikshit Maharaj is the great idealism for us as shravan Acharya. Also Nama Acharya Haridas Thakur has shown us the idealism of Sri Nama Acharyaship.

Actually a Ramananda sadhu cannot come out successfully in Krsna bhajan. Mantra can show the mantra Devata. This is the fact. Ram mantra can show Ram Hari , and Krsna mantra can show Krsna Hari (also which Krsna? –Dwarkadish or Mathuradish Krsna or Sri Virindavanchandra Krsna?—this is the main question). So which Krsna a sadhaka can meet with, it depend upon the rasa bhava bhajana of that sadhaka. This is the usual system. But of course by the association of a great siddha sadhu one can change the mood like Vallabha Acharya or Venkatha Bhatta , Tirumall Bhatta , Gopal Bhatta etc. In that case without committing any offence one can switch over to the higher rasa bhajan like Vallabha Acharya. He– in the beginning was engaged in Bala Gopal bhajan, but due to higher association he was interested in Kishore Krsna bhajan, so he was bound to take Kishore Krsna mantra from Sri Gadadhara Pandit Gosai, by the order and approval of Sriman Mahaprabhu, but if one´s nittya svarupa already fixed up by Bhagavan Himself, then this siddhanta vichar apparently can put as in confusion. But actually no confusion in it. The nittya svarupa of jiva can never change by the association of a particular sadhu. Any particular Sat-sanga can help any particular sadhak to unlock the mystery relating to personal svarupa. This much can happen, nothing else. Also the svarupa of Vallabhacharya was not changed due to sat sanga, simply he had to wait up to get the actual Kishore Krsna bhajan according to his fixed svarupa already there at Golaka Vrindavan , just like the case of Gopa Kumar who was traveling around all different lokas even Vaikuntha jagat, but he was not feeling full satisfaction because his own nitty svarupa was fixed up as a sakhya rasa bhajan siddhi at Goloka Vrindavan with Sri Krsna. Of course the specialty of Shyamanada Prabhu apparently put us in confusion. But still we should understand the siddhanta vichar same way as spoken before. Maybe he was initiated (by Hridoy Chaitanya Prabhu) in the line of Gauri Das Pandit who is known as shakya rasa sakha of Krsna, but when he came in contact with Srila Jiva Gosvami (who is Vilasa Manjari sakhi of Radharani) then he could realize his own nitty svarupa which of course was specially indicated by Srimate Radharani herself ( who is the ultimate guru of everybody, even who is the guru of Sri Krsna Himself.) at Nidhuvan through a very fantastic lila of missing the caran nupura ( Manju Gosha) of Srimate Radharani. Actually  appropriate sadhu sanga can help expose the eternal svarupa of any particular sadhaka—which is unchangeable and fixed. Because we know that even by the personal effort of Sriman Gauranga Deva the fixed nittya svarupa of Murari Gupta was not changed. Actually in his eternal svarupa he is Hanuman Ji Maharaja—the top most Ram das (Bhakta) .

Originally  Om eti eka aksara brahma  mantra or Mahamantara or Yugal mantra or Vamsidvani by Bhagavan Sri Krsna or Kama Gayatri or the total recitation of Srimad Bhagavatam by any Mahabhagavat Paramahamsa like Srila Sukadeva Gosvami  etc. all are the same. Somehow one has to discover his own eternal relationship with Sri Krsna by the help of Sat-Guru or Satsanga. From the following sloka:

dīkṣā-kāle bhakta kare ātma-samarpaṇa
sei-kāle kṛṣṇa tāre kare ātma-sama
                         (CC Antya 4.192)

 “At the time of initiation, when a devotee fully surrenders unto the service of the Lord, Kṛṣṇa accepts him to be as good as Himself.”

sei deha kare tāra cid-ānanda-maya
aprākṛta-dehe tāṅra caraṇa bhajaya
      (CC Antya 4.193)

 “When the devotee’s body is thus transformed into spiritual existence, the devotee, in that transcendental body, renders service to the lotus feet of the Lord.




Thanks a lot.

Truly yours in the service of

Guru-Gauranga and Go-Mata

Baba Shyam Das





Why we don't put Tulasi leaves at Srimati Radharani's charan (Lotus Feet) ?

Full Question:

Dandavat pranam Maharaj ji can you kindly explain me that why in Gaudiya Maths or Isckon we don’t put Tulasi leaves at Srimati Radharani’s charan rather we put it on her hands, can you kindly explain me. We say that there is no difference between Srimati Radharani and  Sri Krisna, than why we put it on her hand. Please clarify my doubt.




Dandavat pranams to you all. Thou we know Srimati Radharani is non-different from Krsna but still according to acintya bedha bedha tattva have some separate identity regarding seva. Sri Krsna is predominating absolute, whereas Srimati Radharani is predominated absolute. Sri Krsna is sevya tattva and Srimati Radharani is Guru-tattva, so Guru-tattva can never be offered with Tulsi, only in the case of Balaram Nityananda being the first expansion of Supreme Lord (not Shakti tattva), so can be offered Tulsi unto His Lotus Feet, but all Shakti-tattva relating to Guru-tattva can never be offered with Tulsi patra, this is the simple reason for why Radharani can never be given Tulsi patra unto her Lotus Feet.

Another vital point is that we have no right to engage Srimati Vrinda-Devi (Tulsi Devi) to serve Radharani purposely, Srila Prabhupada speaking it is offensive on our part to engage one Shakti-tattva to serve another Shakti-tattva. If they are mutually ready to serve each other then there is no Question. Srimati Radharani is antaranga Shakti also Vrinda Devi, Bhakti Devi can come under that category. So this is the reason for why we cannot offer Tulsi.








Does one's Spiritual Master come to one at the point of death? If so, how? In what form?


If we are interested about Sat Guru and Sat Sisya, then we can give you ideal answer, otherwise it is not at all applicable for So-called Guru and So-called disciple. Sat Guru can give response to Sat-sisya all the time, because they have their eternal relationship with each other, so what to speak more at the time of death, surely the disciple can see Gurudeva. About a foolish disciple who has not developed a genuine relationship (Sambhanda Gyana), what connection we can expect he can have with his Gurudeva so that he can expect Gurudeva to come at the time of his death, whereas we know very well that Supreme Lord and Sat-Gurudeva non different from each other as per acintya bheda bheda tattva.







Is it ok for Vaishnavas to wear rudraksha mala besides wearing Tulasi mala?


1 – I feel very much attracted towards Lord Shivaji, and I like to wear rudraksha mala, besides being initiated in Vaishnavism. I saw that in some temples Lord Advaitacharya is using rudraksha mala, and also Lord Nityananda does the same. Is it ok for aspiring Vaishnavas to wear rudraksha mala besides wearing Tulasi mala? Is there any problem with that?

2 – I read your gurudev’s book, Art Of Sadhana, and there he states that we can please the devas by offering them Krsna’s prasada. I like Shiva and Ganesha very much. Is it ok to worship them as gurus? I feel very much attracted by them and it is very pleasing for me to worship them besides doing Krsna bhakti practices. Is there any problem with that?




The way show by our Guruvarga should be accepted without any argument, this is actually called bhakti, our separate or individual decision can never be allowed. We can worship Shiv-Ji Bhagavan as Gopeswara Mahadeva to get Krsna bhakti, nothing else.  Sri Krsna Bhagavan is Supreme Lord so Sri Krsna Bhajan is itself complete, there can be no dissatisfaction at all. All other Demigods like Shiva, Ganesh etc. all they are servant of the Supreme Lord. Any misconception about Bhajan can put us in sever danger. We are less interested about who is doing what. Our Idealism is our Prabhupada Sarasvati Thakur. If he cannot allow then how we can use Rudraksha? Whole Sampradaya can go wrong way if we break proper rules and regulations. Tulsi Mala itself complete blessing for us, no need of other Mala at all. Now it is up to you. Please go on hearing continuously Harikatha Kirtan to get success. Over.







Does ones name given by a Maha Bhagavata contain a clue to our spiritual identity??


Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Sarasvati Gosvami  Thakur Prabhupada told that—“Sat Guru is almost rare on this earth.” From Katha Upanishad we know that –


 śravaṇāyāpi bahubhiryo na labhyaḥ śṛṇvanto’pi bahavo yaṃ na vidyuḥ |

āścaryo asya vaktā kuśalo’sya labdhāścaryo jñātā kuśalānuśiṣṭaḥ || 7 ||


Attma tattva vit advisor is really very very rare. At all if such advisor is found, then it is still more rare to get such a perfect sissya (disciple) who can accept such very very secret and delicate topics on Attma-tattva.

So now you can understand how rare such ideal combination of Sat Guru and Sat sissya. So whatever usual practice going on at present has no value at all. But in general whatever name received from Maha-Bhagavat Guru does not necessarily imply such meaning as you are asking. But sometime it can happen so. Very very special case. From Jaiva Dharma the unique book written by Srila Saccidananda Bhaktivinod Thakur we can see that Vaishnava Das who became the disciple of Paramahamsa Babaji Maharaja of Godrumdvip, previously who was Mayavadi Acharya of Varanasi Kshetra, he in course of his exclusive Guru seva was successful to get the clue of his eternal identity. One day very early in the morning before down Srila Paramahamsa Babaji Maharaja was sitting in his Madhavi lata Kunja doing Kunja bhanga lila samara—Nama Japa, then all on a sudden he started indicating Vaishnava das to remind his duty (by Name) in nittya (eternal) Lila. This way Vaishnava das could get the clue of his eternal identity.  Srila Prabhupada has given a positive indication on this topic in one of his letter which you can find in Patravalli book, second part –letter Nr. 49.

“In course of taking Sri Harinam (Visuddha Harinam) what all secret information a sadhaka can know (automatically), that is called the identity of svarupa. By the elimination of anartha automatically the svarupa identity appears. In the way of appearance of the svarupa identity eternal perception on this specific subject matter automatically appears inside the heart of the sadhaka. This can never be thought artificially by somebody or can never be indicated by somebody. But in course of doing huge Harinam honestly (sincerely) such positive realization appears inside the heart, should be confirmed about this pure conception by pure Sadhu-Guru-Vaishnava by humble application unto their Lotus Feet.“






How i can avoid bondage in my family life?


All glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga

Dear ………..,

Dandavat pranams to all. Know my unalloyed love and affection. If your family life is for the total satisfaction of Bhagavan, then there is no question of attachment or detachment. All proper adjustment (Yukta Vairagya) can give you success in your bhajan. After one baby try to control yourself, otherwise strong bondage can come in your life. To hear Harikatha means to apply in your own life all those absolute siddhanta vichars, then automatically bhakti can appear inside your heart.

Thanks a lot

                             Truly yours in the service of Guru-Gauranga and Go-Mata


                                   Your useless son Srila Baba Maharaja








Are nittya baddha jivas aversive to Krsna forever?


All glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga

Dear Mama,

Dandavat pranam to you all. Know my unalloyed love and affection. Your question is not scientific because you should know that all tatthasta jivas both nittya baddha and nittya mukta categories coming from jiva shakti of Krsna. All jivas are called tatastha shakti bhedabheda prakasha of Krsna. From Caitanya Caritamrita Madhya Lila 20/108 No. Sloka we can see that –

jīvera ‘svarūpa’ haya — kṛṣṇera ‘nitya-dāsa’
kṛṣṇera ‘taṭasthā-śakti’ ‘bhedābheda-prakāśa’
sūryāṁśa-kiraṇa, yaiche agni-jvālā-caya
svābhāvika kṛṣṇera tina-prakāra ‘śakti’ haya

“It is the living entity’s constitutional position to be an eternal servant of Kṛṣṇa because he is the marginal energy of Kṛṣṇa and a manifestation simultaneously one with and different from the Lord, like a molecular particle of sunshine or fire. Kṛṣṇa has three varieties of energy.

Also from C.C Madhya 22/10-12 No. Slokas it is very clear that tatastha vibhinn-amsa jivas are of two categories like nittya mukta and nittya baddha (please go through the detail explanation).

sei vibhinnāṁśa jīva — dui ta’ prakāra
eka — ‘nitya-mukta’, eka — ‘nitya-saṁsāra’

“The living entities [jīvas] are divided into two categories. Some are eternally liberated, and others are eternally conditioned.

‘nitya-mukta’ — nitya kṛṣṇa-caraṇe unmukha
‘kṛṣṇa-pāriṣada’ nāma, bhuñje sevā-sukha

“Those who are eternally liberated are always awake to Kṛṣṇa consciousness, and they render transcendental loving service at the feet of Lord Kṛṣṇa. They are to be considered eternal associates of Kṛṣṇa, and they are eternally enjoying the transcendental bliss of serving Kṛṣṇa.

‘nitya-bandha’ — kṛṣṇa haite nitya-bahirmukha
‘nitya-saṁsāra’, bhuñje narakādi duḥkha

“Apart from the ever-liberated devotees, there are the conditioned souls, who always turn away from the service of the Lord. They are perpetually conditioned in this material world and are subjected to the material tribulations brought about by different bodily forms in hellish conditions.

Nittya baddha aversive to Krsna forever, that doesn’t mean that they can never become liberated to do Bhagavat seva. By the association of sadhu sanga they can also change their mood, that kind of possibility is also there, whereas those nittya mukta jivas, they never met with maya and always busy with eternal seva at eternal dham as Bhagavat Parshad, this is the arrangement of the Supreme Lord, we have nothing to do with this. In the svarupa of all tatastha jivas tatastha bhava is secretly resting.

Thanks a lot

Truly yours in the service of Guru Gauranga and Go-Mata

Your son Baba Shyam Das








What do you mean by sin, crime & apparadha


Dandavat Pranams Babaji. Please could I ask Shymdas Babaji Maharaj. For an analysis as to essential differences between apparadha-sin and crime according to our Siddhanta.

This question arises from the increase of criminal activity in certain groups. We’ve been struggling to discriminate between these concepts eg sin relates to the material energy and Apparadha to Krsna but what is crime then ?

We hope this meets you in good health thanking you in anticipation

Kalyani Devi High court judge and Damayanti devi


Gaudiya Gosthi Pati Sri Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Sarasvati Prabhupada said that—“Sin and apparadha not same. To break social rules and regulations or principles is known as sin, and any kind of ignoring mood if shown unto the Lotus Feet of Vishnu-Vaishnava is known as apparadha. Apparadha is crores of time more dangerous than sinful activity. Sin can be destroyed by proper method of expiation, but apparadha cannot be escaped that way. By the name of patita pavan Sri Gaura-Nityananada which appear as universal purifier, it can only be possible to drive away apparadha.” From Sri Caitanya Caritamrita–Sanatan shiksa topic by Sriman Mahaprabhu—their we can see that how the hunter was purified by Bhagawannama. He was always busy with sinful activities, but by the mercy of Sri Narada Muni he was delivered to become a pure Vaishnava. One day in the way of his journey towards Allahabad– Triveni sangam Sri Narad Muni met with the ferocious and merciless hunter—who was always busy with sinful activities like killing animals etc.  to get support of his family running expanses. Also regarding jivahimsa against any jivattma (violence) it is the exclusive opinion of Srila Prabhupada Bhakti Siddhanta Sarasvati Gosvami Thakur—Jagat Guru  that only physical assault on the body of any jiva is not jivahamsa (violence) in true sense, because this gross body is not jiva and subtile body is also not jiva, these two are the titles of cinmoy jivattma, so any kind of atrocity or physical assault on this gross body of a jiva is surely not the exact meaning of jiva himsa (malicious), rather the direct impact on the jivattma as a violence of malicious activity  is none devotional advice or guidance by some body. Sri Krsna bhakti is the complete or ultimate solution, nothing else. From Srimad Bhagavatam we know the following slokas–

yathā taror mūla-niṣecanena

tṛpyanti tat-skandha-bhujopaśākhāḥ

prāṇopahārāc ca yathendriyāṇāṁ

tathaiva sarvārhaṇam acyutejyā                    (ŚB 4.31.14)


As pouring water inside the root of a tree can give full nourishment to all the trunks and branches, twigs, same way as we are supplying food to the stomach through our mouth can enrich the whole body together with senses and limbs of the body. Similarly by worshiping the Supreme Personality of Godhead through our devotional service can automatically give satisfies to all the demigods, because they all are resting in the Supreme Personality.

devarṣi-bhūtāpta-nṛṇāṁ pitṝṇāṁ

na kiṅkaro nāyam ṛṇī ca rājan

sarvātmanā yaḥ śaraṇaṁ śaraṇyaṁ

gato mukundaṁ parihṛtya kartam                (ŚB 11.5.41)


O King! One who has given up all material duties and has taken full shelter of the lotus feet of Mukunda, who offers shelter to all, is not indebted to anyone like—demigods or great sages or ordinary living beings or relatives or friends or mankind or even to one’s forefathers who already gone away from this material world. Since all such classes of living entities are part and parcel of the Supreme Lord, one who has surrendered to the Lord’s service has no need to serve anyone separately.

The rate of criminal activities at present is on the sharp rise in the whole world, some variation can be there but as a whole the situation is very sensitive and the gravity of those problems are very very deep rooted and acquit in nature, so the only solution is Bhagavannama Sankirtan and Harikatha shravan.


        As per Srimad Bhagavatam karma, akarma and vikarma—these three factors are there. Without having full knowledge about these three—one cannot pass any remark about sin, crime or apparadha. Bharat Varsha (India) is the land of spiritual cultivation or can be called dharma ksetra or can be called karma ksetra where Varna-Ashrama dharma is effectively applicable. Veda based society can go through all those spiritual judgments already laid down in Veda. “Karma” means Veda based karma (as per the injunction of Veda). Not to do that way–is called akarma, and to do just opposite of what all instructions given in Veda is called “vikarma”– which is surely more dangerous than akarma. Akrama can surely lead you towards doing all sinful activities—which all are not at all approved by attma dharma. From Srimad Bhagavatam 1st Canto we can see the following sloka—


sa vai puṁsāṁ paro dharmo

yato bhaktir adhokṣaje

ahaituky apratihatā

yayātmā suprasīdati                 (ŚB 1.2.6)


The supreme duty or dharma for all human being is that by which they can attain loving devotional service unto the Lotus Feet of the transcendental Supreme Lord. Such devotional service must be unmotivated and uninterrupted, which can completely satisfy the self.

On the basis of which we can safely say that only by following attma dharma or Bhagavat dharma one can attain transcendental bliss (complete satisfaction of attma). Otherwise anyway sinful activity is a must, which can surely bring dissatisfaction in our life, i mean the degree of consciousness can go down and down. Virtue or vice etc. terms are only applicable for our gross body and subtle body (mind, intellect, heart&ego) but apparadha is directly related with the jivattma and the following factors like—Bhakti, Bhakta, Bhagavan, Bhagavannama, Bhagavat Dham, Mahaprasadam etc. which all can have direct impacts on our spiritual progress, also which can ultimately lead us to drop our consciousness big way, whereas sinful activities are mainly related with gross body and subtle body. Crime is also mainly related with gross body and subtle body, but still according to the degree of intensity of doing sinful activities the result can vary. Some examples are given below for your kind information–

Like to kill somebody or attempt to murder or rape case or robbery or plane hijack etc., those can be called as criminal activities.  Whereas killing a cow or any animal is called sinful activity. Crime is mainly related to human being and the society in which we are living. Criminal activities can disturb our social system of life as a whole. Criminal activity is more and more dangerous than sinful activity, though we know that criminal activity is also under the category of sinful activity, still has some specialty.

To take brown sugar drug is sinful activity, whereas to sell brown sugar drug is surely criminal activity. Criminal activities can have a great impact on our society as a whole, whereas sinful activities can destroy a small group or any particular jivattma. Sinful activities or the tendency to commit sinful activities can be avoided or can be abolished by Bhagavannama or even by the power of Namabhasa– infinity sinful activities or criminal activities together with their results can be erased instantly, whereas apparadha can never be erased until & unless any perfect solution is not found (regarding apparadha you will have to find the solution in the very root cause of the apparadha developed. As for example—If apparadha done unto the Lotus Feet of any particular Sadhu-Guru-Vaishnava, then to satisfy him you will have to try over and again or if he is no more with us in this material world, then try to search out any of his unfulfilled desire and try to do that seva. If apparadha done against Sri Krsna or against His Holy Nama,  then continuous Krishna Nama Maha Mantra can give you the solution. If apparadha done against Dhama-tattva, then try to do Dhama-Parikrama or Dhama-seva etc. If apparadha done against Mahaprasad, then you will have to honour Mahaprasad again and again without any hesitation or kapat bhava. Likewise on the basis of analytical siddhanta vichar you will have to take step), so reaction is a must in your life. Apparadha can be divided into four categories like against the Nama of Sri Krsna (No.1), or against the svarupa of Sri Krsna (No.2) or against any devotee (No.3),  or apparadha can be  against any man (No.4).  If you are misguiding anybody against attma Dharma, then it can be treated as big apparadha.

Sinful activities all in general can cover the field of criminal activities, but criminal activities are more and more dangerous than sinful activities. Some examples are given below in favour of your clarification—like drinking wine is sinful activity, to go to Pross-quarter is sinful activity, abortion is very very sinful activity, whereas selling wine is criminal activity (with permission or without permission—it matters little), abduction of men or women or boy or girl is surely criminal activity. Plane hijack is also criminal activity. Criminal activities are usually directed to destroy or disturb others.

To commit suicide is sinful activity, but to kill each other in the battlefield is not treated as criminal activity, whereas if someone purposely going to kill someone personally, then surely this can be treated as a criminal activity. When Parashurama was bound to kill all Ksatriyas then it was not criminal activity, because he was the supreme authority- I mean Saktaveshavatara of the Supreme Lord. When Indra Maharaja the king of heaven wanted to get the physical association of Ahalya Devi, the wife of Goutamai Rishi, then it must be treated as very very sinful activity. When Ratnarkar Dassyu (previous name of Valmiki Muni) was engaged in killing others only to maintain his family expanses, then that was very very sinful activity. But if someone purposely out of his enmity like to kill somebody then it must be treated as criminal activity. In this way all very fine demarcation lines are there on the basis of which we can understand the difference between sin- crime & apparadha. To detect sin-crime & apparadha those are the usual procedures.

Some time externally you cannot find any reason for why some activities can be counted or treated as apparadha because though externally no visible reason can be found, but still can have some superfine ground for why offender (apparadhi) can suffer a lot. In Gaura lila at Navadvip Dham Sri Mayapur Dham—Sri Mayapur we can show some cases.

When Capal Gopal out of jealousy wanted to bring about a bad name on Srivas Pandit, then he simply kept wine bottle, china rose, red vermillion etc. all Bhawani Puja items at the outside door gate of Srivas Pandit´s house to give a false allegation against his purity to prove his dirty character of Bhawani puja and wine habit etc. He wanted to prove that in the name of holy Nama Sankirtan rasa everyday (whole night) he (Srivas Pandit) is doing all such rubbish activities. Then externally legally it was not so heavy case, rather it can be treated as very minor case. Even on the basis of which you have no right to approach the court to seek the justice, but as per spiritual background this can be treated as a great offence. Though Capal Gopal can escape from court case but no way he can get escape from the great offence he has done unto the Lotus Feet of Srivas Pandit the  great Gauranga Parshad. So ultimately he developed very highly infectious leprosy disease within two nights. Then he could realise his own great offence and wanted to beg for pardon unto the Lotus Feet Sri Gauranga Deva, but Sriman Mahaprabhu replayed him very furiously that—“ This punishment is nothing, infinity rigorous (severe) punishment waiting for you birth after birth for this kind of great offence done by you unto the Lotus Feet of Srivas Pandit, I can never excuse you anyway”. Finally Sriman Mahaprabhu suggested him to approach the Lotus Feet of Srivas Pandit to beg for pardon, because only then by the mercy of Srivas Pandit he can get escape of the offence done by him. Now you can realise very easily the heavy gravity of such a dangerous apparadha.

Another such case I can project in front of you all as an example to clarify the point. Devananda Pandit was known to be a big famous Bhagavat scholar who used to explain Srimad Bhagavatam daily at Navadvip Dham (Koladvip) in front of mammoth gathering. Srivas Pandit the great Gaura Parshad took interest to hear Srimad Bhagavatam from him who was very famous for his detachment mood and as well as for his big proficiency in Srimad Bhagavatam.

So one day he went to attain the Bhagavat katha. He was a Premi Bhagavat Bhakta, so naturally on hearing Srimad Bhagavatam he started crying heavily—which was a disturbance for the other audience, because each of their heart was dry heart, the master Devanananda Pandit his heart was also very dry heart, so they could not realize the heavy sophisticated and soft heart melt condition of Srivas Pandit. They started ignoring his highness to develop a great offence unto the Lotus Feet of the great Gaura Parshad to through him out of the area of Bhagavat katha to avoid further disturbance, because they couldn’t understand the dignity of Srivas Pandit. This way Sriman Mahaprabhu was very much angry with Devananda Pandit, He was so angry –so angry that he wanted to snatch away Srimad Bhagavatam from his hand.

From Srimad Bhagavatam we know that Prajapati Daksha was so much puffed up that he started insulting Maha Vaishnava Raja Shyambu without realizing the great dignity of Vaishnava Raja Shyambu in the full assembly of rishi–muni and demigods etc. Finally Daksha Yagya was totally destroyed. By the request of Brahma and other demigods the Yagya was restored by the causeless mercy of Vaishnava Raja Shyambu. Somehow the Yagya was completed and those who lost their lives could get back their respective life including Prajapati Daksha who was beheaded previously, now again appeared with a goat head to beg for pardon unto the Lotus Feet of Vaishnava Raja Shyambu, but still then- there was left some strain or spot of previous appardha, for which he was bound to take birth as Prachetas Daksha in Chaksus Manvantar and again he committed apparadha unto the Lotus Feet of Sri Narada Muni. So life after life the effect of apparadha can role on with the jivattma, whereas sinful or criminal activities can erased by proper punishment or by proper expiation method, but still the root cause of sinful tendency can never be erased, which can again act as a driving force to engage the jivattma into sinful activities or criminal activities. In Srimad Bhagavat Gita Sri Krsna giving advice to Arjuna—

prakṛteḥ kriyamāṇāni

guṇaiḥ karmāṇi sarvaśaḥ


kartāham iti manyate                              (Bg. 3.27)


All aspects of material activity are performed by the three binding forces of material nature, but a person whose intelligence is bewildered by false ego thinks himself to be the doer.


Also the question of Arjuna was just befitting here in this context. He wanted to ask to Krsna that –“Who is going to engage us (jivattmas) forcefully into sinful activities, whereas basically nobody want to commit any sinful activity from heart.

arjuna uvāca

atha kena prayukto ’yaṁ

pāpaṁ carati pūruṣaḥ

anicchann api vārṣṇeya

balād iva niyojitaḥ                                                 (Bg. 3.36)


Arjuna said: O Krsna , O descendant of Vrsni, what is it that seems to forcibly impel a person to engage in sinful deeds, even though he is unwilling to do so?


And the answer by Sri Krsna was—


śrī-bhagavān uvāca

kāma eṣa krodha eṣa


mahāśano mahā-pāpmā

viddhy enam iha vairiṇam                          (Bg. 3.37)


The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: This lust, the desire to enjoy sense objects, which indeed transforms into wrath, is born of passion. It is all-devouring and extremely fearsome. Know it to be the primary enemy of the living entities within this world.

Also we know from Srimad Bhagavat Gita the absolute opinion of Sri Krsna—


nādatte kasyacit pāpaṁ

na caiva sukṛtaṁ vibhuḥ

ajñānenāvṛtaṁ jñānaṁ

tena muhyanti jantavaḥ                                            (Bg. 5.15)

The Supreme Lord does not accept anyone´s sinful or pious reactions. Ignorance covers the inherent true knowledge of the living entities and bewilders them.

From Srimad Bhagavatam 6th Canto all the documents relating to sinful activities are given below—


dṛṣṭa-śrutābhyāṁ yat pāpaṁ

jānann apy ātmano ’hitam

karoti bhūyo vivaśaḥ

prāyaścittam atho katham                          (ŚB 6.1.9)

Mahārāja Parīkṣit said: One may know that sinful activity is injurious for him because he actually sees that a criminal is punished by the government and rebuked by people in general and because he hears from scriptures and learned scholars that one is thrown into hellish conditions in the next life for committing sinful acts. Nevertheless, in spite of such knowledge, one is forced to commit sinful activities again and again, even after performing acts of atonement. Therefore, what is the value of such atonement?


kvacin nivartate ’bhadrāt

kvacic carati tat punaḥ

prāyaścittam atho ’pārthaṁ

manye kuñjara-śaucavat                                (ŚB 6.1.10)


Sometimes one who is very alert so as not to commit sinful acts become victimized by sinful activities again. Therefore I consider this process of repeatedly committing sinful activities and to follow some method of expiation to find solution for that is usless. It is like the bathing of an elephant. Because an elephant can clean the body itself-by taking a full bath, but then  again going to throw dust over the full body as soon as  coming back to dry land.


Also we know from the Srimad Bhagavatam 6th  Canto that—

na tathā hy aghavān rājan

pūyeta tapa-ādibhiḥ

yathā kṛṣṇārpita-prāṇas

tat-puruṣa-niṣevayā                                       (ŚB 6.1.16)

O my dear King! One can easily purify himself by serving a bona fide spiritual master (Bhagavat Bhakta) through which he can serve the supreme Lord itself, because the heart and soul of such dedicated Mahattma resting in Krsna. But such kind of purity never possible by following austerity and penances.


yaṁ vai na gobhir manasāsubhir vā

hṛdā girā vāsu-bhṛto vicakṣate

ātmānam antar-hṛdi santam ātmanāṁ

cakṣur yathaivākṛtayas tataḥ param            (ŚB 6.3.16)


As the different limbs of the body cannot see the eyes, the living entities cannot see the Supreme Lord, who is situated as the Supersoul in everyone’s heart. Not by the senses, by the mind, by the life air, by thoughts within the heart, or by the vibration of words can the living entities ascertain the real situation of the Supreme Lord.



dharmaṁ tu sākṣād bhagavat-praṇītaṁ

na vai vidur ṛṣayo nāpi devāḥ

na siddha-mukhyā asurā manuṣyāḥ

kuto nu vidyādhara-cāraṇādayaḥ                                (ŚB 6.3.19)


The real religious principle (Bhagavat Dharma) is reveled by the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Although fully situated in the mode of goodness, still those great ṛṣis are not sure about that. Even those demigods are not sure about that, even those main main siddhas they are also not sure about that, even those asuras and human beings they know nothing about it, so what to speak about those Vidyādharas and Cāraṇas?

Then how common people can guide themselves perfectly according to the principles laid down in Bhagavat Dharma. That is the most vital question at present.  



Thanks a lot


                   Truly yours in the service of Sri Sri Guru-Gauranga and Go-Mata


Your´s a fallen son Sri Baba Shyam Das









What inspires and nurtures Bhakti ?

All Glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga


Dear Prabhuji,


Know my unalloyed love and affection. Dandavat pranam to you all.  Our aversive attitude is quite natural, because we are in Maya. Bonded soul can get more & more inspiration only by pure Guru-Vaishnava seva, this is the only way. But how and when – that is the main question. Strong belief unto the Lotus Feet of Guru-Vaishnava can give us power to go ahead in our Bhajan. Without taking shelter unto the Lotus Feet of a Sad-Guru one cannot reach or attain the peaceful condition of mind. By continues engagement in Hari- Katha-Kirtan-seva one can develop stability of mind, but sincerity is a must. Chanting of Pancha-tattva can help us big way.


Thanks a lot.

                                Truly your’s in the service of Guru , Gauranga and Go-Mata


                                                    Sri Shyam Baba Maharaj, Your servant.











Why you worry about archan right now?

All glories to Sri Sri Guru& Gauranga


Dear/ Prabhuji


Dandavat pranam to you all. Try to know the unalloyed love and affection of Srila Maharaj. Excuse me due to lack of time Srila Maharaj cannot give any detailed answer of what you are asking for. Srila Maharaj never give any Harinam& Diksha to anybody, but still if you can accept Srila Maharaj as your absolute guidance that is your own privilege and also surely Srila Maharaj cannot deny that point. You all are hearing Harinam and Pancha-tattva from Srila Maharaj almost daily over internet, still direct contact with Gurupadapadma is very very urgent, without which your archan cannot give any practical meaning, still you can practice. As per the direct teachings of Sriman Mahaprabhu only and only Harinam Sankirtan & Harikatha can give you complete success, so why you worry about archan right now? Excuse me, never mind. 




What is the successive order of Gurupadapadma and Guruvarga on altar?

All glories to Sri Sri Guru& Gauranga


Dear/ Prabhuji


According to your second question we like to inform you that according to successive order of Gurupadapadma you can worship Guruvarga. (first  Gurudeva, then Paramgurudeva, then ParamParam Gurudeva etc.). After that you can worship Pancha-tattva. After that the question of worshiping other deities coming, but we have no detailed information from you, so how Maharaj can speak in details. Except Vaishnava Raj Shyambu or Nrishinga Deva, no other conception should stand inside your mind. Of course if you want pure devotion then you can follow the instruction of Srila Maharaj in toto, otherwise not.



Why we cannot make any progress in spiritual life?

Gauḍīya Goṣṭhi Pati Śri Śrīla Bhakti Siddhānta Sarasvatī Gosvāmī Ṭhākur Prabhupāda used to say that— “If I seek the path leading to the ultimate good, then I must ignore the countless voices of popular wisdom and listen only to that of the realized souls. We all are in māyā, we have no desire to make any spiritual progress. Our fanciful mind cannot allow us to make any spiritual progress. Without Sad Guru who can help us? Also Sad Guru is very very rare. Actually, we all want to gratify our sensual demands, so we prefer to accept such a Guru who can approve our fanciful attitude and material demand. We bonded souls can exhibit submission unto the Lotus feet of Guru-if our personal interest not going to be disturbed, otherwise we can reject our Guru. This is the painful situation prevailing everywhere.

            Also those who are already in the bhajan field as per their own estimation, they also cannot make any remarkable progress in their spiritual life, because knowingly or unknowingly they are committing aparādha anyway (nama-aparādha, dhāma-aparādha, vaiṣṇava- aparādha etc.). So just like any objective type of competitive examination, where one hundred questions-each bearing one mark can give one mark if the answer is ok, otherwise negative mark will be given as penalty. Similarly, they can do some positive bhajan but still their different kinds of aparādhas cannot allow them to make any progress in their spiritual life.


How long should we wait for a Sad Guru to come in our life?

Śrīla Saccidānanda Bhaktivinod Ṭhākur has given advice to us to wait so long as our honest sincerity and self-inquiry not going to be developed inside our heart. Also as per Vedānta-sūtra we know (which is called self-inquiry)–


“athāto brahma jijñāsā”, –

– which means, “this human life is meant for the inquiring about Brahman.” Also, as per Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam

kāmasya nendriya-prītir

lābho jīveta yāvatā

jīvasya tattva-jijñāsā

nārtho yaś ceha karmabhiḥ

(ŚB 1.2.10)


Life’s goal or desires should never be directed toward sense gratification. One should desire only a healthy spiritual life, or self-preservation since a human being is meant for inquiry about the Absolute Truth. Nothing else should be the goal of one’s works.

Or as per the question by Sanātan Gosāi in front of Śrīmān Mahāprabhu—

 ‘ke āmi’, ‘kene āmāya jāre tāpa-traya’

ihā nāhi jāni — ‘kemane hita haya’

(Cc Madhya 20.102)

 “Who am I? Why do the threefold miseries always give me trouble?  I do not know this; how can I be benefited absolutely?

Out of whimsical (or fanciful) attitude one can never meet with Sad Guru. Śrīmān Nityānanda Baladeva is the original (or akar) guru-tattva. He is always watching our heart, if sincerity is there then accordingly, he can help us surely, no doubt in it. Our kapat bhāva cannot help us anyway. We cannot even take shelter of apparent truth, then how we can take shelter of the absolute truth (the Supreme Lord).  Śrīla Saccidānanda Bhaktivinod Ṭhākur said that,—“a sincere soul must wait with full patience for a Sad Guru to come in his life, and should not run here and there to ruin their spiritual life.


We think we are doing bhajan, but then why we cannot make any progress in our bhajan?

Śrīla Saccidānanda Bhaktivinod Ṭhākur said that—“Though most of us taking initiation from Guru, chanting harinama, following Ekādaśī-, Janmāṣṭamī-, Radhāṣṭamī-vrata etc.,  worshiping the deity or going to different pilgrimages etc., but still why we cannot make any progress in our  bhajan life.?”  Why some of us feeling totally empty? This is simply because we are not paying enough attention to our aparādha. Only and only through perfect sampradaik flow of guruparamparā  (Bhagavata-paramparā) we can get divya jñāna?  (Bhagavata-paramparā tattva vijñāna?). No alternative way. Due to contamination of guru-paramparā, perfect flow of Bhagavata tattva vijñāna? can never be possible. So the breakage of guru- paramparā flow can be reconnected through Bhagavata-paramparā which is more practical and scientific. The golden utility of guru-paramparā (Bhagavata-paramparā) is lying with the fact that we can get the scope to get the intact teachings of Śrīmān Mahāprabhu still today without any change—which were given almost five hundred fifty years before. Anyway, to get śuddha-bhakti we must be in line with Bhaktivinod dhara. To seek the satisfaction of public is not bhakti, but to seek the complete satisfaction of Kṛṣṇa is bhakti.

What is the difference of actual preaching and so-called preaching?

Preaching can be done both way, one is negative way and another is positive way. Negative preaching is very fast but the result is very bad, whereas positive preaching is very slow yet the result is very very concrete or effective. All over the world massive preaching going on, but what is the ultimate result? Kaṁsa, Śiśupāla, Dantavakra, Jarasanda, Aghāsura, Bakāsura, etc. all they have done enough preaching for Kṛṣṇa in a negative way, whereas all the preaching (or idealism) of Brajavasis is effective preaching or positive preaching. Actual preaching by real sādhu-guru-vaiṣṇava can bring about an evolution in our life. Really it is revolting, whereas those sahajiyā pracharaks can always make compromise with māyā to get (collect) lābha-pūjā-pratiṣṭhā which all can be compared with stool and urine. Our guru-paramparā vani vaibhāva totally depend on the strength of shrouta vani vaibhāva, and a genuine sādhu (real pracharak) can be detected by his guru-niṣṭhā and sampradaik niṣṭhā, otherwise he is not at all a sādhu (pracharak). What kind of massive preaching done by him or how many disciples done by him or how many temples established by him—those are not so important factors at all. Even one-kilometer-long degree or title behind him is also not so important thing in the way of that Absolute preaching.

What is the symptom of a genuine Guru niṣṭhā and sampradaik niṣṭhā (guru-paramparā niṣṭhā) ?

Gaudiya Gosthi Pati Śri Śrīla Bhakti Siddhānta Sarasvatī Gosvāmī Ṭhākur Prabhupāda said that—“Slightest deviation from the track of your guru-charan ( Sat  Guru) can ultimately throw you away from bhajan.” So we can very easily understand the massive gravity of guru-niṣṭhā—Which is the most vital point of our bhajan life. Also, the great Gaura Prasad—Srinivas Acārya said that—

  balavān ādara yasyo na syāt guru padaṁboje

śrutair api sat śāstroyh  kṛṣṇe bhaktir na jāyate   

(Srinivas grantha mala)

So long as the disciple has no strong affinity and love unto the Lotus feet of Sad Guru, only śāstra jñāna (scriptural knowledge) cannot give him kṛṣṇa-bhakti at all.

So long as one not going to develop strong love unto the Lotus feet of śrī guru-carana, till then all his study on śruti-smṛti or authentic scriptures can prove to be failure, because in this way he never can get kṛṣṇa- bhakti. A real sādhu can only be known by his guru-niṣṭhā and sampradaikniṣṭhā. Otherwise, all null and void. Strong faith in guru-paramparā can prove sampradaik-niṣṭhā.

What is the greatest gift of Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu which we can get through Gaudiya Guru Vaiṣṇava?

Kṛṣṇa-prema is the topmost gift in our life. Only pure gaudiya-guru-vaiṣṇava can give us such a unique gift. Śrīmān Mahāprabhu said that—

“prema-dhana vinā vyartha daridra jīvana

‘dāsa’ kari’ vetana more deha prema-dhana”

(Cc. Antya 20.37)

“Without love of Godhead, My life is useless. Therefore, I pray that You accept Me as Your servant and give Me the salary of ecstatic love of God.”

Also, about this great gift we can have complete information from Caitanya-caritāmṛta— Ray Ramanada samvad—where Śrīmān Mahāprabhu asking question to Ray Mahāshaya about what the greatest property or gift for the jiva is. There also we can see the following verse—

 ‘sampattira madhye jīvera kon sampatti gaṇi?’

‘rādhā-kṛṣṇe prema yāṅra, sei baḍa dhanī’

(Cc Madhya 8.247)

Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu asked, “Of the many capitalists who possess great riches, who is the topmost?”

Kṛṣṇa prema is the topmost property or gift in our life. All material properties are unstable in this cosmic world, because with death—all finish. But only śrī-kṛṣṇa-prema can eternally stay with our atma svarupa.

Why Rasa tattva should be kept secret in front of common people?

First deserve and then desire. Under the guidance of Sad Guru first we must try to purify our self to eliminate all anarthas from our life through guru-sevā (guru-vaiṣṇava sevā) and at the same time side by side parallel— srī-nama-bhajan-japa (both pañca tattva and harinam  mahā-mantra japa) must go on with full faith to get entry in to rāgānuga-bhajan (rūpānuga bhajan). But we must follow vidhi marga– in the beginning. In bonded condition a jiva-atma should not be allowed to hear, sing, or practice rasa-tattva, because due to material conception they would be in great confusion about aprākṛta rasa tattva.

Here we like to show some quotations and answers from the Upadeśāmṛta book of Śrīla Bhakti Siddhānta Sarasvatī  Ṭhākur Prabhupāda:

Question: Why do you not allow līlā kīrtan in Gaudiya Maṭh?

Answer: We never oppose sravan-kīrtan of Śrī Kṛṣṇa līlā.  Śrī Hari līlā is the only object of sravan kīrtan, only then bonded soul can avoid hearing all the stories related to heroism in the field of karma (karma vira) or all the dirty material topics for which they are feeling natural interest or eagerness. Except that there is no other way.

        There is some specialty between līlā-kīrtan and sringar rasa-kīrtan. Those jivas who all are full of anarthas can hear gaura-līlā kīrtan or maximum balya-līlā (childhood līlā) of Śrī Kṛṣṇa. But if somebody going to violate the above injunction to start doing sravan-kīrtan of those very secret līlā vilas relating to Śrī Śrī Radha-Kṛṣṇa, then instead of mangal only amangal can arise.


   Truly speaking— Śrī Śrī Radha Govinda´s secret līlā vilas sravan and kīrtan both can be treated as the most vital part of our upāsana and nitya bhajan (but not now at this fallen stage) but this bhajan līlā secrecy should not be disclosed in front of common people or fallen souls, which is strictly prohibited and at the same time aparādha also.

What is sincerity in the way of hari-bhajan ?

From basic śraddhā –sincerity can develop, which can draw our full attention towards our duty -responsibility and punctuality for the object of our sevā. Without sincerity all failure. Sincerity can also help us to develop our tolerance power. In the way of hari-bhajan sincerity is the most vital point. If at all sincerity is there, then we can accept all the rules and regulations laid down in authentic śāstras and also, we can accept gladly any kind of chastisement process effective on us by our guru-varga. Sincerity can ultimately help us to develop niṣṭhā. Sincerity can never tolerate any negligence in sevā or siddhānta, so naturally a true sincere soul always very serious and alert about siddhānta virodh and aparādha. A sincere devotee—his life is surely dedicated unto the Lotus feet of great guru-varga, so for the sake of sampradaik interest he is always ready to sacrifice his own life and soul. There can be no compromise in the way of Bhaktivinod dhara which was originally shown by Śrīmān Mahāprabhu Himself.


For visitors what is the specialty of Gaudiya Maṭh from other temples (externally looking gorgeous) ?

Gauḍīya Goṣṭhi Pati Śri Śrīla Bhakti Siddhānta Sarasvatī Gosvāmī Ṭhākur Prabhupāda Jagat Guru said that—“ Śrī Gaudiya Maṭh cannot have and actually does not have anything common with those who duplicitously join Gaudiya Maṭh to misuse divine knowledge for the service of their own selfish ends. Feigned dīkṣā and obtainment of divine knowledge are never one and the same.  Śrī Caitanya and His sincere devotees are eternally present inside the Gaudiya Maṭh. All those owlish persons who are incapable of seeing the light are called māyāvadis, karmis and wayward non devotees.” He further said that—“To arrest the current perverted tide of this fanatic society of this world is the seemingly unpleasent duty of Gaudiya Maṭh.”—In this way Śrīla Prabhupāda always wanted to project the unique and ultimate idealism of Gaudiya Maṭh.  Śrī Gaudiya Maṭh eternally present in  Śrī Goloka dhāma Vṛndāvana.  Śrī Gaudya Maṭh is nothing but Śrī Yogapīṭha of Śrī Vṛndāvana (or Navadvīpa dhāma)—where aprākṛta-sankīrtan-yajña agni always glowing and where all those dedicated souls (Gaudiyas) are always ready to sacrifice their life into that sankīrtan yajña agni for the entire satisfaction of sankīrtan pita – Śrī Gaura Hari.  Śrī Gaudiya Maṭh is always seeking the absolute benefit (or mangal) of this whole cosmic Universe, not only seeking only apparent material satisfaction like other Maṭhs and Temples.


What is the difference between criticism and absolute speech (or naked truth) ?

Out of causeless mercy sometime pure guru-vaiṣṇava become bound to expose the naked truth in front of us to save us from spiritual ruin (but without any jealousy). –This is not at all criticism. Whereas without any proper background, simply driven by a jealous mood, if somebody like to find fault with somebody, to bring about a defamation with him, then this is called criticism. Review and criticism are not one and the same. Review is very good, because out of honest review we can detect our own weakness, we can get the scope to rectify us, but criticism has some dirty motive to defame others or to decry others. A pure sādhu never criticizes others. Such kind of chastisement efforts or procedure on the part of pure sādhu-guru-vaiṣṇava is only for our absolute benefit or mangal, nothing else.

Ordinary labha –puja-praṭhista can never be compared with vaiṣṇavi-pratiṣṭhā. What is the basic difference between these two?

pratiṣṭhāśā-taru, jada-māyā-maru

nā pela rāvaṇa yūjhiya rāghava:

vaiṣṇavī pratiṣṭhā, tāte kara niṣṭhā,

tāhā nā bhajile labhibe raurava.[4]

(Vaiṣṇava Ke–Who is a Vaiṣṇava?)


4) The demon Rāvaṇa (lust-incarnate) fought with Lord Rāmacandra (love-incarnate) in order to gain the tree of worldly reputation, (worldly pratiṣṭhā) but that illusion was like an oasis that turned out to be, but a mirage cast in the desert wasteland of the Lord’s illusory material potency. Please cultivate fixed determination to attain only the steady and solid platform whereupon a vaiṣṇava ever stands. If you neglect to worship the Lord from this position, then you will ultimately attain a hellish existence.

The Essence of This Verse:

Vaiṣṇavi-pratiṣṭhā is totally exclusive and pure; it should not be confused with dirty and unstable material pratiṣṭhā. On the contrary, if we cannot develop full faith in vaiṣṇavi-pratiṣṭhā, then surely, we will have to go to hell—there’s no doubt in it. Vaiṣṇavi-pratiṣṭhā is all totally reserved for guru-varga or ultimately for the original āśraya-vigraha. We cannot reserve the right to avoid this vaiṣṇavi-pratiṣṭhā; undoubtedly it is a great offense. 


Śrīla Mādhavendra Purīpāda was completely uninterested in any kind of self pratiṣṭhā; he always wanted to avoid it. We can remember that when the transcendental news of Śri Gopīnath Bhagavān himself having stolen khīra for his great devotee Śrīla Mādhavendra Purīpāda was about to be spread quickly throughout the town, he left that place immediately in fear of pratiṣṭhā. This was none other than pure vaiṣṇavi-pratiṣṭhā which was ultimately arranged by the Supreme Lord, Śri Gopīnath. Therefore, Śrīla Mādhavendra Purīpāda was bound to accept that unique pratiṣṭhā for the complete satisfaction of the Supreme Lord. 


A vaiṣṇava must be ready to accept pure vaiṣṇavi-pratiṣṭhā in relation to or relating to any sevā such as hari-kathā, hari-kīrtan sevā, (preaching) puja-sevā, bhikṣā-sevā, guru-sevā, etc. vaiṣṇavipratiṣṭhā surely cannot contaminate his heart because there is no smell of personal pratiṣṭhā.


What do you mean by perfect and excellent bhajan procedure?

Three types of bhajan procedures are usually seen in our Vaiṣṇava society.  Some are busy with their personal bhajan and ācaran, but they are not interested about others, whereas some others are busy only with pracar, not having ācaran or bhajan of their own. Yet there are some others– they are always busy with their own bhajan-ācaran and at the same time they are so merciful that they cannot get satisfied only with their own spiritual life or bhajan, but also, they like to arrange ultimate mangal for others. So, their unique idealism and speech can change the heart of common people to establish them in hari-bhajan, this procedure is the best of all. So, this is called the perfect and excellent bhajan procedure for us Gaudiya Maṭh devotees.  Those merciful sādhus their life is totally dedicated unto the Lotus feet of the Supreme Lord; no smell of self-interest can be found in their life. They live for us all.

Why the classical system of guru-paramparā is so much important?

The classical system of guru-paramparā is so much important, because only this golden opportunity of guru-paramparā (or Bhagavata paramparā) can give us the scope to get the exact teachings of Śrī Kṛṣṇa (or Śrī Kṛṣṇa Caitanya Mahāprabhu) intact way still today. Otherwise, it would have been lost. -So perfect acar and prachar must be there in our guru-paramparā (or Bhagavata paramparā) line. That is the unique utility of our classical system of guru-paramparā. A Paramahāmsa Sad Guru never make any disciple, only making Guru.

Why most of us cannot serve Sad Gurudeva from heart?

“False dīkṣā (a show of dīkṣā) and obtainment of divine knowledge are never one and the same –“Also as authentic śāstra vichar this is the siddhāntavichar of Śrīla Bhakti Siddhānta Sarasvatī Gosvāmī Ṭhākura Prabhupāda. So naturally false dīkṣā cannot help us to develop sambhanda- jñāna, and the lack of sambandha-jñāna cannot give us inspiration to serve Guru-Gaurāṅga from heart. Śrīla Prabhupāda Bhakti Siddhānta Sarasvatī Ṭhākur used to say that—“Without sambhanda jñāna even bhajan cannot start”.  Further he used to say that –“guru-charan is the transcendental and transparent media through which a sat-śiṣya can see clearly everything of that transcendental world.” Actually, logical interpretation cannot stand in the way of that absolute truth, that is why Prabhupāda told us not to go for logical interpretation, but unfortunately, we are always busy with logic, so we cannot realize guru-svarūpa at all.  What we cannot see and what we cannot realize and also which is beyond human comprehension, how it is possible to serve that object! That is the vital question. So long as we cannot realize srī gurusvarūpa and bhagavata- svarūpa until then we cannot serve Śrī Gurudeva from heart.

Mātsarya or jelousey cannot get any application in the way of hari bhajan. Then what will happen to those who are expressing envious attitude towards sādhu-guru-vaiṣṇava?

Sada ripu or six enemies like kāma-krodha (anger) , lobha-mada-moha –mātsarya, those are the main enemies in our life, we are bound to lead inhuman life because of the pressure of those six kind of enemies in our life, but still our Gaudiya guru-varga wanted to save us from those enemies, and Śrīla Narottama Ṭhākur Mahāsaya has shown us the application of those enemies in our Kṛṣṇa bhajan life, except the sixth enemy mātsarya, which has got no application in the way of  Śrī Kṛṣṇa bhajan. The society in which a real sādhu not getting any honor or respect is bound to run towards total destruction. For name-fame or position or for lābha-pūjā –pratiṣṭhā now at present competition going on even among sādhus, one sādhu going to defame or decry another sādhu simply because he is successful in his bhajan or preaching sevā, also going to apply black magic or going to engage hooligan to stop him his honest sevā efforts or trying to break his preaching field etc. But know it for sure that Śrīla Madhavendra Puripad always wanted to get escape of lābha-pūjā-pratiṣṭhā.  He used to fear all those unusual hazards in the way of Kṛṣṇa-bhajan, but still ultimately, he was bound to accept vaiṣṇavi-pratiṣṭhā by the desire of the Supreme Lord– Śrī Kṛṣṇa. The chastity of vaiṣṇavi-pratiṣṭhā is always approved in śāstra. All those great elevated vaiṣṇava sādhus—their highness and their aprākṛta guṇa vallis (qualities) should be brought into light or focus by the help of hari-kathā-kīrtan and publication of their glories through books and magazines. Those envious sādhu-guru-ācāryas (?) they always like to project their own glories, whereas they always like to suppress the real glories of other great sādhu-guru-vaiṣṇavas. Śrīla Bhakti Siddhānta Sarasvatī Gosvāmī Ṭhākur Prabhupāda said that—“He who is going to glorify himself as sādhu he is a branded a Vaiṣṇava (not Vaiṣṇava).”

What is just contrary to the preaching of the Absolute Truth?

To seek the satisfaction of public through preaching is not at all bhakti, whereas s to seek the total satisfaction of Supreme Lord is called real bhakti. Śrīla Bhakti Siddhānta Sarasvatī Gosvāmī Ṭhākur Prabhupāda said that—“A flattering personality can never became a preaching personality.” The most vital impediment in the way of Absolute preaching is our desire to get lābha-pūjā-pratiṣṭhā, which can make us a pros. Popularity and Absolute preaching can never run together.

Why everybody cannot follow Guru-Vaiṣṇava in true sense?

Actually, lack of Saranagati cannot allow them to follow sādhu-guru-vaiṣṇava in true sense. To chastise their character and behavior-when sādhu-guru-vaiṣṇava try to control them, then they start agitation against sādhu-guru-vaiṣṇava to show disregard against them. In this way they are always deprived of the Absolute truth. To eradicate all material desire from the heart of bonded soul when akar- guru-tattva Śrī Saṅkarṣaṇa Baladeva in the form of Sad Gurudeva try to cultivate the dirty uncultivated heart field by the help of a plough to make the heart fertile to sow  the seed of bhakti into that field of heart then most of us like to reject Guru. Not only that but also, we can start non-cooperation movement in the beginning, then after that we can start competition and ultimately, we can start open confrontation with Gurudeva, this is our dirty character.

What is the actual inner meaning of the word liberty?

All foolish people they think –‘Liberty’ means we can do whatever we like. According to the standard of this material civilized society the meaning of the word ‘liberty’ is –’Curtailment of our own rights for the sake of others, so that mutual interest can be protected, and the overall final goal can be attained’. But the perfect meaning of ‘liberty’ is to submit 100% (fully) unto the Lotus feet of Śrī Kṛṣṇa –the Supreme Lord and thereby enjoying the free access in all fields and can enjoy the full of love of the free will in favor of kṛṣṇa-bhakti . This is actually the true meaning of liberty. Suppose a very very poor girl by chance get married with a very very rich husband, then though the girl was very very poor previously but still due to marriage with her husband who is very very rich, now she is also known as very very rich lady. Submission of the poor girl unto the Lotus feet of her rich husband automatically going to make her rich.

What is the reason for why people are landing into the trap of some bhogus sādhu?

Śrī Śrīla Bhakti Siddhānta Sarasvatī Gosvāmī Ṭhākur Prabhupāda said that—“In the name of hari-kathā-kīrtan (preaching) those who are cheating us common people, we common people want to be cheated by them, so we are cheated. To be cheated by them—this has become an usual fashion of the day. Most of us want to get lābha-pūjāpratiṣṭhā (glamour, position, etc.) in the name of hari-bahajan, so lack of our genuine sincerity going to put us into the trap of a cheater Guru (sādhu), nothing else. Akar- guru-tattva Baladeva Nityānanda always watching our heart so can arrange a Sad Guru in our life provided enough sincerity is there inside our heart.

Why it is not so easy to get control over mind?

Mind is the finest sense organ (not like other sense organs) which can be compared with the blowing of restless wind, which cannot be controlled. Arjuna speaking the same to Kṛṣṇa in Śrīmad Bhagavad-gītā. But ultimately this can be under control by serving Sad Gurudeva. A ferocious animal can be taken out of forest, but it is really impossible to drive out all those ferocious animals (like kāma-krodha, lobha-moha – mada-mātsarya etc.)  from our mind- which can be compared with dense forest of matters.

How should a devotee lead his bhajan life?

Śrī Śrīla Bhakti Siddhānta Sarasvatī Gosvāmī Ṭhākur Prabhupāda said that constant (nonstop) hari-kathā-kīrtan under the strict guidance of a bonafide spiritual master or Sad Guru to follow and respect the shrouta pantha flowing through our guru-paramparā (Bhagavata paramparā) is the only way to lead our bhajan life perfectly. All other activities should be under the control of this most vital point, otherwise a devotee cannot protect his renounced order of life or even a grihasta devotee also can lose his bhajan power, if not going to follow the first point in his life.

How to distinguish between real hari-kathā and false hari-kathā?

Actual hari kathā means a flow of Sabda-Brahman coming out of the lotus mouth of a pure sādhu–Who is having perfect ācaran (means hari-bhakti), which is really revolting no doubt, and at the same time can put an impression inside our heart to drive us towards Vaikuṇṭha jagat, whereas ordinary speech in the name of sweet hari-kathā by any sahajiyā can misguide us to destroy our spiritual life.

Why we cannot get proper result even after hearing hari-kathā from a genuine source (sādhu-guru-vaiṣṇava)?

Lack of sincerity or due to aparādha one cannot get proper result of hearing harikathā from a genuine source.

Everybody or anybody can speak hari-kathā or can go for preaching?

No—not at all, because hari-kathā is not an ordinary lecture. hari-kathā is Vaikuṇṭha vastu  (Sabda-Brahman),  this should not be misused at all. hari-kathā is non different from ŚrīHari Himself. Śrīla Saccidānanda Bhaktivinod Ṭhākur said that—“Except a Vaikuṇṭha messenger none can speak hari-kathā.” So naturally we can get the answer that so called sahajiyā or anybody (even a neophyte devotee who is not at all established in hari-bhajan should not go for preaching sevā) cannot speak hari-kathā or cannot go for preaching sevā because this is strictly prohibited. All fallen gurus (ācārya) always going to attract people by openly discussing rasa-tattva etc. which is strictly prohibited. Those bonded souls they already have passive kāma inside their heart, they are full of anartha, so they feel dirty enjoyment by hearing and discussing rasa tattva.

Where to submit?

Śrī Śrīla Bhakti Siddhānta Sarasvatī Gosvāmī Ṭhākur Prabhupāda Jagat Guru said that—I can only submit unto the Lotus feet of such a bonafide Sad Guru who can give me hundred percent mangal (ultimate mangal). Not anywhere else.

In Mayapur are many temples. What is actually a temple and what is an āśrama?

A temple is a very holy accommodation of Bhagavat vigraha where deity worship and nitya bhoga, ārati etc. going on, on the basis of vedic rules ? and regulations. Caretaker-pūjārī and authority must be there, but an āśrama implies that a group of sadhu must be there to do bhajan-sādhana . Vigraha can be there or cannot be there.

What is the meaning of guru. Do we require a guru?

Śrī Guru is our spiritual guide to help to realise the true meaning of life and finally can help us to attain the Lotus Feet of the Supreme Lord. Yes-of course we need a Sad-Guru, without Sad-Guru life can come to a flop-end.

What are the Vedas? Are they still applicable in modern times?

Vedas are the ancient scriptural evidence on the basis of which vedic cultural knowledge can grow to help us realise the Supreme Lord. Vedas are evergreen and eternally present, the knowledge is beyond time-space and matter conception, so always applicable, even now.

What is the meaning of initiation and why is this important?

Initation is a very pure or holy procedure as per scriptural instructions- by the help of which Sad-Guru can show us our eternal relationship with the Supreme Lord to attain eternal sevā at the eternal dhama. This is so important-so important that there is no other alternative.

How should we see the teachings of Śrīla Prabhupāda. Sometimes we hear that to follow Śrīla Prabhupāda Bhakti Siddhanta is too tuff, some even say that there would be all temples empty if we would follow Śrīla Bhakti Siddhanta.

All the teachings of Śrīla Prabhupāda are non different from the teachings from Śrīman Mahāprabhu; if at any coast we need Bhagavan, then there is no alternative. So too tuff or too easy- all are fake terms. Genuine devotees can fill up the blank.

What is the meaning of Visva Vaiṣṇava Raj Sabha, is it also existing nowadays?

Visva Vaiṣṇava Raja Saba is a very  very important sabha comprising of some very very responsible Vaiṣṇava members or paṇḍits to setup some positive rules & and regulations- on the basis of which they can get control over the whole Vaiṣṇava society to stop all nonsense and to ensure a smooth flow of sadhana bhajan. On those days at the time of Gosvāmīs there was some overall controlling but now all gone, nothing left.  Who can hear whome?