Lord Chaitanya & His Associates

“Without repeatedly relishing these life stories we will never be able to enter the transcendental kingdom nor to advance in the devotional life. The lives of the devotees are filled with loving service to the Lord and should be repeatedly discussed for this will melt our stone like hearts. It will awaken in us a genuine remorse for all the wasted activities in which we have engaged outside of the devotional life, thus readying our minds for the reception of the pure devotee. The devotees of the Lord are oceans of mercy; they feel distress at the pain of others; they are endowed with amazing powers of forgiveness; their hearts are entirely pure, free from enviousness, hate and jealousy. When they see the misery of persons like myself, the lowest of souls who, bound by illusion and forgetful of their eternal identities, have become disinterested in Krishna, they pray to Krishna’s lotus feet for their salvation, shedding tears in intense feelings of compassion. After hearing this prayer, Krishna turns his merciful glance towards us. It is my wish that these biographies of Mahaprabhu’s devotees will be read on their appearance and disappearance days, bringing great joy to both hearer and speaker.”

by Srila Bhakti Promode Puri Gosvami Maharaj