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The Prabhupada 11

Srila Prabhupada Bhaktisiddhanta always used to say, that we Gaudiyas have some kind of specialty, what kind of specialty? Specialty regarding seva and specialty regarding Siddhanta. Because seva and Siddhanta are almost same. When you can find Siddhanta in applied form than it is called seva, and when you find seva in the form of a words, then it becomes Siddhanta. It is same, it’s a compensating factor, and if you have many mistakes in Siddhanta then actual seva cannot be done.

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Upadesha by Gaudiya Acharyas

To express absolute “jīve doyā” not a matter of joke

Those who are great personalities who like to save the whole Universe become a target of attack of common people. Tulsi das who was a Ram bhakta was always criticized by someone, but he never felt any reaction inside heart, he used to say that—“Well, I cannot see my own fault, so I can get the chance to rectify myself, if somebody can criticize me.”

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Quote by Shyam Das Baba

Why all jivas are not satisfied?

Because knowingly or unknowingly they all are running in search of Supreme happiness. But they have no idea about how to get it or where to get it. Due to strong Maya they are going to misidentify themselves as material body (together with material mind). So naturally...

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The Absolutely Revolutionary Metaphysics

The incredible thought which no one in want of His power of knowledge (bhakti) does not even dare to think is this: each and everyone, all of His forms are always present everywhere but are not...

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